The Small & Beautiful City of Pienza in Val D' Orcia, Tuscany

When you say Pienza, it simply refers to a small city in Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, Italy. Actually, the Val d’Orcia is a cultivated hill consisting of beautiful towns and villages. The Pienza is probably the most popular due to its idealism-setting founded by Pope Pius II in 15th century. 

You can’t see a public transit in Pienza. You will more appreciate your tour if you walk. The town is very small and you can even tour it in thirty minutes without stopping and shopping. However, if you want to enjoy your visit, you should drop from one attraction before the other, never in other way round. Pienza is a town of elegance and grand, don’t waste your time by expecting much. 

Start your tour by exploring the Piazza Pio II. The special aspect about the site is the formation of various tall buildings. There’s a cathedral (Duomo) on the south side furnished with fine interiors, the Bishop’s Palace (Palazzo Vescovile) on the east, the Renaissance-inspired Palazzo Piccolomini on the west and the Palazzo Communale on the north. 

If you want to experience the naturalistic landscape, come inside the great home of Piccolomini family. Upon entering the Palazzo’s ground floor, various halls and rooms will meet your way such as the study, the library and the weapons room. The piano room houses antique musical instruments with historic paintings on the wall. 

After Palazzo Piccolomini, visit the Diocesan Museum the next day. The artful side of you will be realized once you get in touch with the array of notable collections in here. There were 12th-17th century paintings that tell the lives of those pious saints.

Touring with an empty stomach can be stressful, right? So, before visiting your next destination, may it be another art work or fun-filled park, eat and drink wine at Pienza’s best fine dinings at Latte di Luna, La Taverna di Re Artu and the elegant outdoor-and-indoor seating at Ristorante dal Faco.

Now, if you want to visit other remarkable attractions in Pienza or be informed with anything you want to understand, you can visit their Tourist Information, just situated in Piazza Pio II.


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