First-rate Beaches at Versilia

When the Summer Heat is on, there are millions of beach destinations in the world to visit but please, never forget the Versilia in your list. This is a region in the province of Lucca, Tuscany. 

For you to know--- the Versilia has one of the nicest coastal stretches extending from Liguria to Pisa and the coolest part is; it offers clean sandy beaches, clean water, good production of marbles and cool villages. The largest beach town is being the Viareggio. 

The nicest aspect of visiting Viareggio is its variety of interesting sceneries and fun activities. Once there, you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling at their clear beaches, eat delicious seafood at their restaurants and have the great nightlife till you drop. 

Do you want to visit the marble producing resort? Your destination should be Marina di Carrara. Touring their marble quarries and museum is such a delightful experience and just bathe in their awesome sandy beaches later on.

Another a must-visit attraction is the Forte dei Marmi. This resort targets the affluent Italians who can afford the five-star hotels, designer clothes and expensive accommodations at their bathing establishments.  These are probably the reason why Forbes tagged Forte dei Marmi as one of the World’s Topless Beaches in the world. 

Apart from the mentioned above, you can even appreciate the artistic environment offered to you by Ronchi and the adventures in-stored for you by the five-kilometer-sand-stretch in Marina di Pietrasanta. 

Staying Where

If you have difficulties finding where exactly to stay, you can do a direct booking online and if you want, you can study the map prepared for you there. Perhaps, you can choose to stay at Lerici. This is an attractive village situated near the coastline or get around the little city of Sarzana. Here, you can hop around the restaurants around; one by one per day and if you want, write a blog post about your experience after.  


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