Local New England Tea Company Introduces Organic Tea Line

Article by Eric H.

You might not be aware that one of America's great tea companies is located right here in New England.

Bigelow Tea, of Fairfield, CT, is perhaps best known for its Constant Comment tea, a delicious traditional black tea flavored with orange rinds and sweet spice. Some other well-known Bigelow teas include Cinnamon Stick, Lemon Lift and Raspberry Royale. We are delighted that Bigelow has taken its quality tea product line to the next level with some fantastic-tasting organic teas. Particularly tasty is the full-bodied green tea, as well as the white tea with a nice touch of raspberry and chrysanthemum. Other organic flavors we look forward to trying are the green tea with pomegranate and acai (two recently popular antioxidant-rich fruits), and Earl Grey tea.

It's nice to see the USDA Organic label from a major tea tea company, thus eliminating any concerns about potential toxic carriers like pesticides and artificial flavors and colors. We always appreciate local New England businesses turning out quality products; Bigelow certainly meets that personal criteria.

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