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Article and photo (Dick and Jane's General Store, Walpole, Mass.) by Eric H.

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The latest feature story centers on ALLCANEAT, a 100 percent gluten-free food facility that will open soon in Randolph, Mass. Located at the former Zeppy's Bagel site, ALLCANEAT will feature breads, pizza shells, cakes, cookies and other foods that people with Celiac's Disease typically cannot eat. ALLCANEAT will also feature a cafe/store. There's quite a story behind the business as executive vice president of sales and marketing David Ford saw, first-hand, a family member diagnosed with autism make a remarkable turnaround after starting a gluten-free diet.

We were also the first to break a story on Dick and Jane's General Store, a fantastic "retro" store located in Walpole, Mass. With bins of penny and old-time candies, homemade fudge, coffee, bagels, muffins rolls, gelato, educational toys and games, Dick and Jane's is not only a wonderful addition to the "Main Street USA" look of old-fashioned downtown Walpole, but perhaps a positive sign that more downtowns can find themselves thriving in a big box store world by simply returning full circle to what made them so special in the first place -- that is, offering a great mix of locally-owned shops and restaurants for the whole family. Dick and Jane's helps the "thriving downtown" cause greatly with a mission to help bring more people to Walpole center through an appealing, back-to-another-time presence.

Speaking of locally-owned stores, we recently launched the "Shop Local, Buy Local New England!" blog at This blog informs readers of -- and celebrates -- the many high quality, locally owned businesses in the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. ALLCANEAT and Dick and Jane's General Store are part of this special blog, with several other New England stores written about, also. If you have a favorite locally-owned New England store, please let us know and we'll consider it for publication.

Enjoy our new features, and happy travels (and shopping) in New England!

Major Tourist Attractions in Haiti

Haiti as we already know by now needs the whole world’s support due to the magnitude 7 earthquake that hit the island earlier this week. With this tragic event that killed an estimated 50,000 people, I can only hope and pray that Haitians can still find a way to continue living.

Haiti is Creole and French speaking Caribbean country. Being a Caribbean country it is blessed with one of a kind beaches. The island attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the globe. Natural wonders, parks, lakes, monument and historic sites are among the best tourist attractions of the island.

Beautiful islands are common in Haiti but Labadie Island is probably the most popular tourist spot in the country. The island is famous for its breathtaking view any time of the day. A cruise can help you check out the totality of the Labadie Island. You can check out the nearby Bay of Acul and Amiga Island. These two tourist spots are equally attractive and offer travelers luxuriant green landscapes.

If you’re a traveler who likes to know more of the country’s history then Citadelle is the right place to visit. Musee de Guahaba is a specialty museum that houses the country’s abundant arts and artifacts.

Barbancourt Rum Distillery is also a major tourist attraction in Haiti. One of the best tasting rums is being made here.

Petionville is the perfect place for vacationers who like to shop. The place is located in the country’s capital which is the Port au Prince. Various restaurants and shops are found in Petionville. You can also get a closer look of the country’s rich cultural heritage in this place.

Aside from the major tourist attractions that I have mentioned, there are also a number of places in Haiti that are worth your time and they are Lake Saumatre and Chaine de la Selle Peak. Lake Saumatre is famous for flamingos, water buffaloes, and crocodiles while the Chaine de la Selle Peak is the highest point of Haiti.

Despite being the poorest country in the western hemisphere there’s no doubt that Haiti has a lot to offer to its growing number of tourists across the globe.

Let us all hope and pray for Haiti’s fast recovery and restore those natural wonders that makes them one of the best tourist destinations in the world.