Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa – One of the Best Tourist Destination in Dubai

Without a doubt, Dubai is now considered as one of the best tourist destinations occupied with myriad attractions for its visitors and tourist that draw them like no other in this part of the world. One of the popular spots in Dubai is Jebel Ali Golf Resort that offers all the modern luxuries with a perfect blend of Arabian traditions and cultures.

From Dubai International Airport one can travel 40 minutes going to Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa or 60 minute from Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa is situated close to some of Dubai's most extraordinary projects like the Developments of Dubai Waterfront and the Palm Jebel Ali continues to the north west of the resort with land profiling works.

The visitors of this spot can have fun exploring the award – winning 5 star hotel Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa or simply relax on a comfy chair under the sun and have a look at the far off sea meeting the sky. That simple activities are the best way of rejuvenation of your body.

Most of the customers are satisfied with their stay since almost everything was perfect in this golf resort and spa from staffs, to facilities and amenities. Guests can feel like a slice of paradise, since they can enjoy different views, restaurants, spa, golf, gym, the warm pools and clear sea. And that would be the reason why guests want of going back in this place with their whole family during holidays.

Aside from that, rooms are designed in a homely fashion with private balconies. Guests can either choose the golf view room or sea view room. The golf view rooms have views facing the golf course and the gardens, and they are fitted with a double bed or two single bed while on the sea view rooms guests can have an excellent view of the beach and the pool that fitted with a double bed or two single beds.

For sports enthusiasts, there are activities available for them including golf, windsurfing and water skiing. At the same time, there is also plenty of land based activities to choose from like camel or horse riding or a shooting gallery. The two impressive freshwater pools and one seawater pool are also available if you want to relax and enjoy. Jebel Ali also has venue for corporate events or social functions. When it comes to foods, there are 12 restaurants and bars that are serving different delicacies to meet different taste.

Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri

If you are looking for a peaceful, modest city combined with historic charm and elegance, the best place to visit is St. Louis, Missouri. In this place, the Gateway Arch was built as a tribute to the city's history as the “gateway to the West”. It was Ero Saarimen, who designed this world's tallest national monument measuring up to 630 feet high and 630 feet wide at its base.

Visitors can locate the Gateway Arch standing on the bank of Mississippi. It comes with stainless steel that reflects the colors and light of the city skyline and the river. It takes almost 40 plus powerful floodlights wonderfully light up this famous landmark. Thus, it is the best idea to explore this landmark during at night.

This Gateway Arch was finished after two years of construction to honor President Thomas Jefferson for his westward expansion and his vision of a continental United States. It is one of a number of sites that is located on the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It is a 91 acre park that also includes the Old Courthouse, which decided the Dred Scot case in 1857 as well as the Museum of Westward Expansion. The park's location is near the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition which led to the nickname “Gateway to the West”.

Try to imagine you are up in the arch to look for different views, maybe it's totally scary for those who have fear of heights and have been claustrophobic. Don't worry! It has a foundation anchored 60 feet underground, so it is safe to ride to a unique transport system leading to an observation deck at the top at the same time it also contains two emergency stairwells just like a ferris wheel. And this could be a challenge for all even to those who have fear with heights.

If you have tried riding on a ferris wheel? It feels like riding on it while wind blows on you. But of course, once you get there and witness the breathtaking view of St. Louis and the Mississippi River, you will forget your fears and want to stay longer. Though it is quite strange ride, but many people agreed that it is a worthy ride.

Moreover, this Arch is near of the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Visitors can enjoy both the north and south queue. In the north queue guests can enjoy the different display that interprets design and construction of the Gateway Arch while on the south queue area includes displays about St. Louis riverfront during the mid -19th century.

Cheap Honeymoon Packages

Spending your honeymoon is your first holiday together as a husband and wife, so it is better that you get the best and romantic getaway ever that unforgettable to both of you. Of course, every couple has different budget when it comes to planning and budgeting their honeymoon holiday.

Aside from the money matters, there are many options to enjoy your honeymoon. There are newlyweds prefer to spend romantic honeymoon on a tropical island, discovering white sand beaches or hidden coves. To some couples, they love the idea of cruising from one place to another.

So whether you are planning for Caribbean honeymoon cruise, cheap Bali honeymoon package, Maui honeymoon tour, or Greek honeymoon destination, there are many cheap honeymoon packages out there to choose from. However, a lot of people think that honeymoon getaway is too expensive. Luckily, there are many ways to save a lot of money on your honeymoon without affecting your enjoyment.

That's why it is important to plan for your honeymoon right after you have a date for your wedding, so after the wedding ceremonies, you will not worry about your honeymoon since the party out there is waiting for you. What you need to do is to come out, dance and take your chance like a fire in the night.

Nothing can beat spending honeymoon on cruise, which goes to Caribbean and Europe while relaxing or sunbathing on the deck. It is a type of honeymoon package that promises a lot of fun, hassle free, and the unforgettable memories will last long for both couple's mind.

A cruise could be very romantic way to spend your honeymoon, but it is very expensive. But if you spend time searching for the best deal, you can find some honeymoon cruise that offers reasonable package deals for newlyweds. The price can be cut off depending on the packages you get and the length of the cruise. Another way to save money on the honeymoon cruise package is to book earlier before the honeymoon date.

Newlywed can also opt for cheap honeymoon by visiting exotic destinations in Maui, Greek, or in Bali. This honeymoon idea is also popular and ideal opportunity for couples to experience new and exciting places. Couples will only need to spend on air fare, room accommodations and for their meals. It is important that you know what type of honeymoon package you want so you can also plan on where to go and how long you can spend for.

If you think you don't have enough skills for planning your honeymoon holiday, you can hire a travel agent to do all the planning and booking for you. There's a lot of competition in the honeymoon travel industry today. So you'll expect that you can get the best package for a reasonable price.

Cheap Las Vegas Hotels

In Spanish word Las Vegas means “the meadow”, and this meadow was popular city in the state of Nevada. It is also known as “the entertainment Capital of the World” because of its massive and lavish casino resorts. More people are hooked to visit Las Vegas for it is known also as the gambling capital of the US, so people can enjoy the casino as well as the night life.

People will find all kinds of recreation luxuries which you can dream of in lower price. Some people think spending one night or two in Las Vegas cost them half of their fortune. Fortunately it's not. There are many cheap hotels to choose from so you can enjoy your Las Vegas days without overspending.

One of the cheap Las Vegas Hotels is Stratosphere Casino Hotel situated at the top of the Las Vegas Strip. A few minutes away from Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. A wide range of services are offered to each guest plus a 24 – hour room service with a huge selection of food and drinks to meet anyone's appetite.

For a guest that needs to maintain its fitness routine, there is a fitness center near the said hotel. For business needs like faxing and next delivery Business Services offered it and the hotel staffs are willing to help and assist you with your needs.

Perhaps the best thing with this hotel is you can enjoy the panoramic views of Las Vegas because the Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation in Tower in US at 1,149 and also the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. From the tower, guest can view the different restaurants, banquet space, and private dinning rooms.

Guests that are alive at night can enjoy the spectacular dancing show every night, since the tower is equipped with a special lightning system that is visible throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Aside from that, guest can also enjoy the 800,000 – square – foot casino featuring 50 table games and more than 1,500 of the hottest slot and video poker machines as well as a poker room and race and sports books to ensure that there is something for every guest gaming preference. And it is now open 24/7.

Another Cheap Las Vegas Hotel is Excalibur hotel with castle exterior promises fun and adventure stay at an affordable price. It is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip that offers a wide range dinning and entertainment options.

What can you still ask for? Excalibur hotel boasts its 13, 000 – square – foot Royal Treatment Spa and Fitness Center, so both men and women can enjoy massages, facials, a fitness programs, and pools. When it comes to entertainment, this hotel also had a 100,000 – square-foot casino with full of hot slot games wherein you can visit it the whole nigh as well as day.

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas then definitely you can look out for these Cheap Las Vegas Hotels.

St Barth: Top Honeymoon Destination

Fun Activities under the Sun

Situated 250 km east of Puerto Rico is the small French island of St. Bathelemy. St. Bath’s as it called by many has fourteen not-crowded public beaches perfect for your honeymoon destination. No entrance free is needed, the sands are purely in white, accommodation is fine, watersports are fun but nudity is forbidden.

Your destination should be in Petite Cul de Sac if you and your partner seek for peaceful getaway while Anse des Cayes Beach is the place when you want to surf and have picnic along the seaside. Staying at Grand Cul de Sac seems affordable in the budget and there are abundant watersports activities being offered for everyone.
Beaches and oceans in St. Barth’s are usually the just the right spot for windsurfing, board surfing, sailing, snorkeling and waterskiing. When you visit here, be sure to sail the seas with their boat charters. The experience is phenomenal.

Hotels and villas in St. Bath’s are owned and managed by the localities. As of now, there are twenty-five hotels with fifteen rooms or fewer. The largest hotel to date has fifty-eight rooms and is offering only the bests and the luxurious making you feel comfortable. Vacation shops are also nearby and they sell basic items for your needs. These vacation shops are closed during the noon break and usually reopen at 2:30 in the afternoon except Sundays. Three of the famous villas in the place are: Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Fords.

The most ideal time to visit St. Barth’s is Christmas and New Years. These holidays allows you to choose several mega yachts for sea explorations.


Of course, the vacation is incomplete without savoring their delicious food. Their local restaurants feature range of quality and tasty food what your palate craves for. Whether it’s French seafood, sushi, sashimi, fusion cuisine, deli, snacks, Creole, Mediterranean cuisines or Asian, these are all available at affordable grabs. Just remember, reservations are essential to avoid rush.

Try dining in at Maya’s. This is a public restaurant with somehow high prices range but once you taste their Creole, you will not be sorry for your visit. Creole is the best French Cuisine to date and its twist is worth savoring for. Ti St. Barth at Pointe Milo is the place you want to be when you want awesome and mouth-watering bar barbecues while Le Gaiac at Toiny is for the 100% French gastronomic delights.


Some cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises offer long period of stays that can last to 35 nights. Most itinerary destinations are fantastic and that include Barbados, Nevis, Aruba, Boca da Valeria, Devil’s Island, Basse Terre etc. For a faster registration and booking, you can go online, start comparing selected offers and select the sail dates of your quest. This experience is definitely one of your top honeymoon destinations beyond your imagination.

Just the Romantic Honeymoon in Hawaii

If you are trying to list down all the possible top honeymoon destinations in the world, the beautiful paradise of Hawaii should not be forgotten. This country is blessed with everything that’s brilliant you can think of. The calm weather is fantastic. The underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling are not a disappointment and of course, the romantic aroma is all everywhere.

Six islands in Hawaii are a big shout-out to hundreds of people. These islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, Molokai and Lanai. Once you step a foot in any of those destinations, you can expect numerous activities to dive for. Surfing is a popular sports and learning its basic methods is really a fun-filled adventure for the two of you. Gliding on waters with your lifetime partner is undoubtedly a nice experience and what more if the two of you level up the pace and does wind surf. Windsurfing is still the best and there’s no need of becoming an expert to appreciate this type of outdoor sports.

Why Hawaii?

Considering a honeymoon to Hawaii is definitely your best decision to date. Just imagine the warm and cordial accommodation you can receive upon your arrival. There’s no need of bruising up yourself to thinking where to stay because top quality and world-class hotels are all around the corner. Booking in these hotels only allows you to see an array of best amenities and luxurious resorts.

A trip in the beach must be one of the highlights of your visit. Hawaii has everlasting shorelines, clear as diamond underwater sceneries perfect for diving, white silky-feel sands and the taste of bountiful beauty you feel when the golden sun started to set.

To name a few of the best resorts and hotels in the country, kindly take note of the following: First set on the list are Kapalua Bay Hotel & Ocean Villas, Princeville Resort, Royal Hawaiian, Sheraton Kauai Resort, Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, Sheraton Maui Resort Sheraton Moana Surfrider and Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

The list continues with W. Honolulu-Diamond Head, Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Hotel Hana, Four Seasons Resort Maui, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Fairmont Kea Lani, Princeville Resort, Kahala Hotel & Resort, Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa, and Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort.

All these hotels guarantee you two things; these are: lavishness and unparalleled comfort.
Food is not a problem. Hawaii has an eye of serving their gourmet food with elegance and style. Finest restaurants are widely known for its fresh seafoods and tropical fruits. You should be aware that mangoes and pineapples are what make Hawaii the center hub for delicious fruits.

Hawaii is the magic!

Everything is magical in Hawaii. Whether you stay in a hotel or embark in a cruise, you can never trade the experience for anything. In case your first after-wedding celebration was not held in this splendid paradise, better search for honeymoon-destination packages online, pack your suitcase and give your sweet romance an ace.

Tahiti: Your Number 1 Honeymoon Destination

With its relaxing tropical ambiance and array of exciting activities it offers, Tahiti is a tiny paradise in the Pacific but truly gets a lot of attention worldwide as a top destination for honeymoon. Here, you can do almost everything your heart seeks for. You can snorkel; dive into the clear-waters and live like majesty in their first-class hotels.

The Manihi Pearl Beach Resort

For newlyweds, the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, just located a mile from the town of Uturoa, is regularly a popular destination. Like what its name denotes, this resort is widely known for the black pearls. Diving into their blue lagoon makes you realize how precious these black pearls are. Whether you’re a novice or an expert diver, diving is surely not a disappointment activity in Manihi. Couples go here not only for a romantic escapade but also for fantastic lunge as well.

Apart from diving, Manihi’s pleasing activities include chilling inside their air-conditioned bungalows, chatting at their lounging bars, exploring their luxurious hotels, get wet or get tan while at their swimming pools and eat at their various restaurants along the premises.

The InterContinental Moorea Resort and Spa

Also in Tahiti is the InterContinental Moorea Resort and Spa. This remarkable resort offers you an array of special vacation deals such as spa, free-of-charge snorkeling and canoeing. The InterContinental also allows you to either enjoy marvelous excursions or get into shape at their fitness gyms.

The Bora Bora

Fun, excitement, and adventure beyond the imagination- it’s all here in Bora Bora. Several people consider Bora Bora as the number one honeymoon destination because of its romantic vacation packages that include a-night-stay in the Tahiti Le Meridien Hotel and in a room with a view of the diamond-clear lagoon. You can also opt for a five-night-stay at the Bora Bora Le Meridien Hotel overwater bungalow. This bungalow permits you to see the spectacular views of Mount Otemanu.

Sign up for a Bora Bora Travel package and you’ll get six breakfasts and five dinners for two. The excursions include exploration of sharks and sting rays. Receiving flowers, Polynesian sets of jewel, and champagne from Tahiti villagers is a delightful experience you can never forget.

Have you tried cruising?

There’s no reason why you and your lifetime partner can’t get the lavishness out of all the “getting wet fun-filled activities in Tahiti.” Fun is simply everywhere in Tahiti especially when you embark on a cruise for two. Cruising is probably the one best thing to include in your honeymoon itinerary.

Whenever you are in Tahiti, there are romantic voyages offered almost every week and you can choose to board on cruise ships, freighter passenger or super yachts. Today, newlyweds and long-term couples are given the privilege to stay in a luxurious cruise line with first class balcony cabins and meals.

These days, the question to where you celebrate your honeymoon is no longer a problem. There are honeymoon destinations in the world and the islands of Tahiti are no exception to this. What more of a great thing than staying here for days with the love of your life.