Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri

If you are looking for a peaceful, modest city combined with historic charm and elegance, the best place to visit is St. Louis, Missouri. In this place, the Gateway Arch was built as a tribute to the city's history as the “gateway to the West”. It was Ero Saarimen, who designed this world's tallest national monument measuring up to 630 feet high and 630 feet wide at its base.

Visitors can locate the Gateway Arch standing on the bank of Mississippi. It comes with stainless steel that reflects the colors and light of the city skyline and the river. It takes almost 40 plus powerful floodlights wonderfully light up this famous landmark. Thus, it is the best idea to explore this landmark during at night.

This Gateway Arch was finished after two years of construction to honor President Thomas Jefferson for his westward expansion and his vision of a continental United States. It is one of a number of sites that is located on the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It is a 91 acre park that also includes the Old Courthouse, which decided the Dred Scot case in 1857 as well as the Museum of Westward Expansion. The park's location is near the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition which led to the nickname “Gateway to the West”.

Try to imagine you are up in the arch to look for different views, maybe it's totally scary for those who have fear of heights and have been claustrophobic. Don't worry! It has a foundation anchored 60 feet underground, so it is safe to ride to a unique transport system leading to an observation deck at the top at the same time it also contains two emergency stairwells just like a ferris wheel. And this could be a challenge for all even to those who have fear with heights.

If you have tried riding on a ferris wheel? It feels like riding on it while wind blows on you. But of course, once you get there and witness the breathtaking view of St. Louis and the Mississippi River, you will forget your fears and want to stay longer. Though it is quite strange ride, but many people agreed that it is a worthy ride.

Moreover, this Arch is near of the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Visitors can enjoy both the north and south queue. In the north queue guests can enjoy the different display that interprets design and construction of the Gateway Arch while on the south queue area includes displays about St. Louis riverfront during the mid -19th century.


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