St Barth: Top Honeymoon Destination

Fun Activities under the Sun

Situated 250 km east of Puerto Rico is the small French island of St. Bathelemy. St. Bath’s as it called by many has fourteen not-crowded public beaches perfect for your honeymoon destination. No entrance free is needed, the sands are purely in white, accommodation is fine, watersports are fun but nudity is forbidden.

Your destination should be in Petite Cul de Sac if you and your partner seek for peaceful getaway while Anse des Cayes Beach is the place when you want to surf and have picnic along the seaside. Staying at Grand Cul de Sac seems affordable in the budget and there are abundant watersports activities being offered for everyone.
Beaches and oceans in St. Barth’s are usually the just the right spot for windsurfing, board surfing, sailing, snorkeling and waterskiing. When you visit here, be sure to sail the seas with their boat charters. The experience is phenomenal.

Hotels and villas in St. Bath’s are owned and managed by the localities. As of now, there are twenty-five hotels with fifteen rooms or fewer. The largest hotel to date has fifty-eight rooms and is offering only the bests and the luxurious making you feel comfortable. Vacation shops are also nearby and they sell basic items for your needs. These vacation shops are closed during the noon break and usually reopen at 2:30 in the afternoon except Sundays. Three of the famous villas in the place are: Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Fords.

The most ideal time to visit St. Barth’s is Christmas and New Years. These holidays allows you to choose several mega yachts for sea explorations.


Of course, the vacation is incomplete without savoring their delicious food. Their local restaurants feature range of quality and tasty food what your palate craves for. Whether it’s French seafood, sushi, sashimi, fusion cuisine, deli, snacks, Creole, Mediterranean cuisines or Asian, these are all available at affordable grabs. Just remember, reservations are essential to avoid rush.

Try dining in at Maya’s. This is a public restaurant with somehow high prices range but once you taste their Creole, you will not be sorry for your visit. Creole is the best French Cuisine to date and its twist is worth savoring for. Ti St. Barth at Pointe Milo is the place you want to be when you want awesome and mouth-watering bar barbecues while Le Gaiac at Toiny is for the 100% French gastronomic delights.


Some cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises offer long period of stays that can last to 35 nights. Most itinerary destinations are fantastic and that include Barbados, Nevis, Aruba, Boca da Valeria, Devil’s Island, Basse Terre etc. For a faster registration and booking, you can go online, start comparing selected offers and select the sail dates of your quest. This experience is definitely one of your top honeymoon destinations beyond your imagination.


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