Boracay: The Philippine Summer Escapade

Most Filipinos can think of only one place when the summer sun is on. The place is one of those tropical island situated just 200 miles south of Manila going two kilometers northwest of Panay in Western Visayas. The place is also under the administrative supervision of Philippine Tourism Authority. Who doesn’t know the place? Who doesn’t want Boracay?

These days, traveling to Boracay includes series of perks and gems. First off is the means of transportations. Rides are found everywhere. You can ride motor-tricycles, mountain bikes, quadbikes and motorbikes. Bancas and trampolined-boats are to be rented when you want to tour the island by water.

Boracay is a perfect summer destination due to its cool weather brought by Amihan and Habagat. These two are seasonal patterns and Amihan means the cool wind coming from the northeast while Habagat means wind from the southwest. 

The Amihan weather strikes every September, October or sometimes, it’s May or June. When Amihan begins, daytime temperatures start in 25-32 degrees Celsius stretching to 28-38. On the onset of Habagat, the island experiences tropical storms and temperatures fall to twenty degrees Celsius.

Apart from the tropical weather, Boracay is also the centerpoint of luxurious hotel, amenities, and fun-filled activities. The moment you step on the white sand, there are three stations you can choose from. The location of Station 1 is the right place for you when you seek for peace and tranquility. The Station 3 is the area for cheap lodgings while the Station 2 is for those who want to stay near the island’s bars.

Resorts, Food & Events…

There are over 3500 resorts scattered all over the place and the decision where to stay depends upon the tourist. Room prices vary from time to time and for this, it is advisable to take advantage of the off-peak rates. The rooms are usually expensive during the summer season but it’s still best to ask for any discount packages.   

The Casa Camilla Boracay is one of those affordable hotels in the island of white. The hotel is located at the boat station three. Another is M.R. Holidays Hotel. This is a two-storey building with thirteen rooms and also near the beach.

The Fat Jimmy Resort in station two is also a good choice. Here, the prices agree to your budget and the place offers the basic amenities you need daily. Other rooms to consider are: JMBS Cottages, Freckless Resort and Bamboo Lounge.

A trip to Boaracay is not a delight without splurging the food. Exquisite buffets and restaurants are all over and you must try the Aria’s Italian Food, the True Food’s Indian Cuisine and the Sea Wind’s Buffet. After eating, getting massage is ideally for grabs. Various and skilled masseuses are all over the place and having them in your side is a relaxation delight never to forget.
Special events are held in Boracay annually. The Asian Windsurfing Tour, Boracay International Funboard Cup and Dragon Boat are just three of the many activities. In fact, the Olympic Council of Asia declared that Boracay will host the 2014 Asian Beach Games.


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