Great of Wall of China

Brief History

The Great Wall of China was originally built to protect the boarders that separate Chinese Empire and Xiongnu in 5th-16th century BC. During the construction, an estimate of three million Chinese workers died and the Wall had to be revived several times just to preserve its historical origins. That time, the only construction materials used were only stones and wood.

The Great Wall of Today

Today, the Great Wall of China is not only one of the great wonders in the world but also the one noticeable work of art visible to human eye from the outer space. The entire wall stretches four thousand miles from east to west. The peak wall, which is known as the Ming Wall, is surely a top-of-the-world breathtaking view everyone must explore.

Due to erosions and sandstorms, the height of the Wall is reduced to less than a couple of meters. Many construction workers believe that if most sections of the Wall are made up of mud, the Wall is susceptible to the hazards of soil erosion.

What to See in Great Wall 

Traveling to Beijing is incomplete without visiting the Great Wall. The Great Wall is the heart of Beijing and there are three remarkable here. These are North Pass or better known as the “Badaling.” The Badaling is mainly used for the protection. It is 7.8 meters high and 5 meters wide.

The second area is the “West Pass” or the fort situated near the western edges of the Wall. The last area is the “Pass of Shanhaiguan” or the fort near the eastern edges of the Wall. 

On the south east side is the “Mutianyu.” This is the Wall that connects the Juyongguan Pass in the west and the Gubeikou in the east. Walking through this 1.3 miles path can really be good for your heart and legs.

Another must-see attraction in the Great Wall is the “Liao Tian Ling.” This is the wall in the west part and is completely short compared to others, only two or three stories high. The stone used in constructing Liao Tian Ling is filled with high-quality metal resulting to its silvery appearance all the time.

The most stand-out area in Great Wall is the “Ming.” It is situated at the peak portion of the Wall and it runs eleven kilometers long, five to eight meters in height, six meters from the bottom and five meters across the top.   

Being there!

These days, visiting the Great Wall is as easy as eating pie. All you need to do is go online, book for some Beijing Travel Packages and without knowing it, you’re all packed for the adventure of a lifetime. Near the Great Wall are the Local Inns waiting for your arrival. 

There are also 4-5 days tours to choose from. Usually, a Beijing Travel Service will already include your personal tour guide, your driver and a series of convenient amenities like shooting and spa.


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