The Magic in Florence

Churches & Museums

Florence is the artistic and architectural region of Tuscany, Italy. Traveling here allows you to experience the Birthplace of Renaissance. All over the city are the historical museums and galleries. Looking at these amazing masterpieces like The Duomo and the old bridge of Ponte Vecchio can surely mark bliss in your heart. 

Also in Florence are the majestic Cathedrals. If you are a pious person, you surely enjoy hopping to these churches: The Brunelleschi’s Cathedral & Dome, The San Miniato Al Monte, The San Lorenzo, The Santa Trinita and The Santo Spirito. These are only the best five of the many. 

After praying, do you think it’s a good time to explore the work of arts? Of course, yes. Florence houses the two of the most crowd-pleasing art galleries in the world. These are the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. From there, you can also get in touch with the two of the sculptural collections: the Duomo Museum and the Bargello. Of course you must not fail to forget the Michelangelo’s David, the tomb of Pope Julius 11 (also by Michelangelo) and the Academia. 

Are you in for the adventure of a lifetime? How about climbing the Giotto’s Bell Tower? Being at the top of this 1359 tall attention-seeking building is like reaching for the gems in Heaven. But beware, the smallest bell you can find inside this superstructure weighs 1,000 lbs. Other must-see adventurous attractions are the Piazzale Michelangelo and the church at San Miniato.

Fashion, Beaches and Getting Around

Florence is also known as the hub of fashion. Everywhere you look; there are branded shops and outlets ranging from Gucci, Prada, Armani, Ferragamo etc. The only perceived problem you can have is money, right? But if you are consistently shopping around, you eventually search for good and quality deals. If you are having your first vacation in Florence, you should try the perks in San Lorenzo Market.

Wanting to get wet is no-problem in Florence. Clear-sand beaches and all sorts of coastlines are just around the corner. Having a family escapade is perfect at Marina di Carrara. Seeing the marbles down the quarries is really a must-try at Marina di Massa. Forte dei Marmi was once included in the filming of Oscar’s Best Picture, The English Patient. Elegancy and nightlife are not a disappointment at Viareggio. Enjoying the rocky type of coast is truly an experience of a lifetime in Marina di Cecina. Other great water attractions in Florence are San Vincenzo, Barrati, Piombino, Elba, Il Golfo di Follonica, Punta Ala, Castigliona Della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto.

Getting around Tuscany can be done through walking, biking, riding a taxi or a bus. There are various travel tours in the city, assisting you with your itinerary. The Driving Guide Tours and Context Florence are only two of the many. If you are comfortable with pedaling, you can rent a bike upon your arrival in the city. Various hotels, on a budget, on a mid-range and on-a-splurge, are also scattered everywhere. 

You see, visiting Tuscany is having your memorable getaway. All the fantastic and the dazzling are here. All you need to do is research it online and do the advance booking to enjoy your stay.


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