Delicious Wines & Impressive Art Works in Montepulciano, Tuscany

Erected on a high limestone ridge approximately 13 km. east of Pienza, 70 km. southeast of Siena, 124 km. southeast of Florence and 186 km. north of Rome is the Tuscany’s medieval city known as Montepulciano. This city on a hill is largely famous for its red wine and some food items such as cheese, lentils, honey, pasta and pork.

Such a small city but with its nature-friendly landmarks around, your vacation will still be a grand in here. Your first stop should be the Piazza Grande. The one amazing thing about this piazza is its ancient but incredible walls and buildings. Walking in this piazza feels as if you are in an old-age chessboard with artistic towers all around the corner. The clock tower in Palazzo Comunale is truly a center attraction and a joy to visit. For just a little fee, you can climb the top to see the bird’s-eye-view of the hill city. 

Wines & Architectures

Are you thirsty? Do you think it’s time to drink wine? No problem, Montepulciano offers you the best wines-tasting in the world. Just situated at the basement of Piazza Grande is the 13th-century, Contucci Palace. Here, you’ll immediately notice barrels and cellars full of high-quality wines and olive oils. The most popular being the Vino Nobile.  

After sipping wines, rest a while and pay a visit to museums, churches and restaurants the next day. The Civic Museum in Palazzo Neri-Orselli is probably the most famous in the city where there’s a massive display of Tuscan Paintings, Robbia Ceramics and Etruscan Artifacts. 

You’ll realize how grateful the nature is if you see the San Biago Church at the center of a gardenlike-setting surrounded with tall and verdant trees. Thanks to Antonio da Sangallo for making San Biago Church the home of relish harmony and real serenity.

Let’s Eat!

Two of the stand-out restaurants in Montepulciano are Ai Quattro Venti and Osteria dell’Aquacheta. The former is recommended for its pasta sprinkled with fresh porcini. The latter is known for nice fine dining specializing in pastas and salads for only Five Euros. Other fantastic restaurants in Montepulciano are: the outstanding services in Ristorante Le Logge del Vignola, the highly-impressive ambiance in Osteria del Leone and the fanciful and pleasant dining setting in La Grotta, located just across the San Biago Church.


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