Serbia: Belgrade’s Pride

The city is not a big name compared to London or Paris but thanks to Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic, this White City (as what its name literally means) has been a household name in the tennis circuit. This is Belgrade, the city capital of Serbia. Years after its violent history, its rich culture and diversified architecture become a leading hub in Southeastern Europe.

Belgrade is now known as the rising and energetic city ready to splash out its tourism potential. The mode of living has improved massively. Their flag carrier airline, Jat Airway, now operates in nearly forty destinations worldwide. 

As you visit Belgrade, the number one tourist attraction not-to-ignore is the Kalemegdan Belgrade Fortress Complex. The Fortress is located on the rocky ridge of Sava and Danube Rivers. You can either travel to the Upper Town or Lower Town but don’t ever forget to visit the cakewalk of the complex, the KALEMEGDAN PARK. 

The Insides of Kalemegdan Park

Once you’re in Upper Town, you’ll see the top section of the awe-struck and breathtaking views of Kalemegdan Park. This portion is known as the Gornji Grad. Here, you can have the chance to tour its Observatory and Planetarium, cakewalks in the spaces of The Victor, explores the mysteries in the Roman Well and of course, plays tennis and basketball like a pro in their court stadiums.

The Donji Grad has a slope going down the riversides and the organizers of the Park decidedly created a Greek Museum in it. The eastern section of the park, known as the Mali Kalemegdan, borders the urban part of the city. Here, you’ll see special spots such as the Belgrade Zoo in the northern area and the art pavilion (Cvijeta Zuzoric).

The Great Kalemegdan or Veliki Kalemegdan is the southern part of the park and there are various aspects of gems to explore in this area. If you are want to understand the seeds of yesterday, you must go to Military Museum. If you are into hunting, visit the Museum of Forestry. If you want to see Serbian courageous past, take a glimpse of their Monument of Gratitude to France. 

Other incredible must-see views in Kalemegdan Park are the Despot’s Gate, Zindan Gate, the St. Petka Chapel, the Ruzica Church, the Institute for the Cultural Movements, the Gun, the Orthodox Cathedral and try appreciating the basic elements such as the falling leaves, the trees and the bridges.    

Going to Belgrade to See Kalemegdan?

Booking a travel package to Belgrade is easier said than done. So, better book it online and months before your departure to avoid expensive rates. If you want, you can stay at hotels and inns near the Kalemegdan Park for easier travel.


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