Greats, Delights, Nature-enchantment in Chianti Classico Wine Territory

If you are looking for farm house and villa resorts to stay during the vacation, the Chianti Classico Wine Territory is the place you are looking for. With its panoramic farmland setting, you can surely experience the life in search for peace and true happiness away from the noise and crowd of urban living.

Basically, the Chianti is a small province in Tuscany located exactly in Central Italy. The Chianti Classico is only a zone in Chianti Wine Area and it regularly offers you the best vacation stay at their beautiful farmhouses, holiday-rentals in the hills and tiled-flooring rooms and apartments. 

Talking about the wineries in Chianti Classico, there are various attractions you must visit to taste the wine delight. One of those wineries is the Podere San Cresci that is located in the Chianti Hills just above the Greve in Chianti. Independent winery Sergio Ballini owned this large and clean-surrounding winery.

Another a must-see winery is the Antico Borgo di Sugame, which is ran by Lorenzo and Catrina Miceli. Visiting this winery guarantees a special and caring atmosphere, especially in their 28-year-old vineyard, for your whole family and friends. Sugame offers you delicious wines to taste. They have Sangiovese Grape with small deeps of Cabarnet Sauvignon, the best vintage of Sugame Riserva, the high-quality taste of Sugame IGT Rose and the pure sangiovese and the everyday-drinking Bosco Grosso.

You surely want to go back in Podere Sagna once you went there for the first time. The place doesn’t produce wines but they can give you the best organic olive oil in town. Sunbathing in their water resort is surely a dive. 
Other attractions worth your visit in this town are: Poggio all’Olmo, Villa Saint’Andrea, Le Centnelle, Fattoria Tregole, Le Torre di Melazzano and Agriturismo Patrizia Falcani. 

Don’t worry if you are confused where to go first, you can choose to hire their licensed tour guide. The tour guide will introduce you to hundreds wineries on the area while riding on an air-conditioned minibus. 

Another option to consider blasting your vacation trip to Chianti Classico is the travel incentives. This special winter offer allows you to enjoy a full luxurious weekend at Villa Felceto, delicious meals at Dario Cecchi’s Restaurant and wine-tasting activities at Castello Vicchiomaggio. 


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