Tower of London: All Splendid and All Glitters

London is a place of several royal palaces and fortress. When you decide to visit London, be sure not to skip the historic monument situated on the north bank of River Thames. This is none other than, the Tower of London. 

These days, traveling to London is not difficult. You can now book your flight online and with just a stroke of the clock, you’re stepping a foot in London. Once there, there are various options to get to the Tower. You can ride a train, by bicycle, by DLR (Docklands Light Railway), by bus, by riverboat or by car if you are living near the perimeter. 

The most important thing you should remember to bring is the Map. There are downloadable maps online and it’s suggested you download them weeks before your scheduled flight. You also need to be informed that there’s no available parking area around the Tower.   

Once you’re right at the front of the Tower, you can’t ignore to think about those fictional ghost stories. There’s even news circulating around that say “the place is an area of death, darkness and treachery.” If these are true, why care about it? Every attraction has its version of ghost story and if you keep on thinking about it, how will you enjoy your time inside the Tower of London?

Truth is; these ghost stories are made to fool you. These stories are fiction and by any ways, you can learn how to divert your thinking to loads of sights and activities inside the area than those made-up stories. One of these is the White Tower, located at the very center of the Tower. 

The White Tower is the London’s iconic symbol and one of the premier tourist spots in the world. The hidden gems of Henry VIII and the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist are only two of the must-seen attractions inside. 

After the White Tower, be wowed by the glittering gem-collection inside the Jewel House. Just imagine if you see the world’s famous Imperial State Crown purely made of diamonds, pearls, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Wow, isn’t it exciting to take a pic of it and upload it in your blog?

Meet the Yeoman Warders if you’re interested in hearing the tales and stories. These warders will surely entertain you with the questions you want to know about the Tower. Yet, if you’re into art designing, never forget to visit the Medieval Palace and other interactive exhibitions. 

Hungry with all the touring left and right? Don’t worry. There are also restaurants and cafes around (New Armouries, Wharf Café & Kiosk and Paul). They offer only the high quality snacks and meals for your gourmet satisfaction.  


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