Buckingham Palace: The Shining Shimmering Home of the Blue Blooded

If there’s anything something so grand to see, what do more you can ask more with Buckingham palace. Considered as the major tourist attraction in Westminster City, London--- the Buckingham Palace serves as the Marble Arch of the Royal Family. The Palace has gone various reconstructions to preserve its lively and luxurious state rooms.

Since it became a loyal residence in 1837, there are a number of eminent parts you must see. These are the Ballroom, the Grand Entrance, the Marble Hall, the Grand Staircase and the cream & gold schemes of galleries.

Seeing the Grand Entrance and the Grand Staircase is like a having two fantasy dreams into one. At first sight, you can immediately see the grandest gold-like fan at the ceiling, designed by James Wyatt solely dedicated for George III. John Nash designed the Grand Staircase upon the request of King George IV. Climbing down in this bronze-casting balustrade feels you’re at the center of a glimmering spotlight.

Next is the Queen’s Gallery which took forty years in the making. The incomparable feel inside this Hall is nearly synonymous to having a grand museum filled with gems and pearls. In 2002, the spectacular celebration known as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee was held here.  

The elegance of the gold-detailed Ballroom is known as the largest room inside the Palace. Various ceremonies and state banquets take place here. If the past, you were expected to wear a formal dress for women and a formal military uniform for men. These days, the story is different. Women are now encouraged to wear tiara if the occasion is too formal while men should either wear formal suit with a tie in evenings or wear morning coats in daytime events.  

Another grand site you must see within the perimeter of Buckingham Palace is its park-like garden that hosts royal functions and events. Exploring the Royal Garden is walking in a freedom 42-acre park with endless artwork and fun around. In fact, to all the tennis enthusiasts like me, I have to tell you that there’s a tennis court in here and for the record, three of the finest tennis players in history displayed their legendary stokes to wow the Queen. These tennis players are John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Steffi Graf.


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