All Glamour & the Bests in Paris

As of the writing of this article, the artistry tennis grand slam in clay is just around the corner, so I’m inspired to enumerate the best sights and attractions in Paris before sitting inside the box of Court Philippe Chartier.

As you all expected; every inch of square in Paris is bounded with rich history and exquisite beauty. Apart from Eiffel Tower, there are still various aesthetic attractions you need to explore while on Paris.

The first on this list is The Louvre.

Have you watch The Da Vinci Code? If yes, I’m sure you have recognized this pre-20th century museum. The Louvre is the home of the most appealing paintings, sculptures and other art collections in the medieval era. You can also find the undying smile of Mona Lisa here. Traveling to this classic and contemporary building is easy. While in Paris, just ride a bus with any of the lines in 21, 34, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, and 95 and the driver will directly take you in front of the glass pyramid. Physically challenged people are openly welcomed inside this majestic museum as wheelchair can always be rented upon permission at the front desk.

The second a-must-visit scene in Paris is the Boat Tour in Seine River. Coming down to see the overwhelming beauty of Seine River is truly an unforgettable experience. The feel of the chilly wind of the place is miles different from what you have inside your home. Especially if you are going for a boat ride, you can witness the unparallel network of canals, bombastic bridges, awestruck monuments and other mythical spots. Many people suggest the best time for boat ride is May to the mid days of September. There are various travel companies near the site that offers both daytime and nighttime tours throughout the year, especially during Valentine’s Day. 

With its marvelous gothic architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral is surely one of the dramatic hotspot made of stained glass, situated just blocks away from Seine River. As a matter of fact, it took a century before the overall construction is completed. The Cathedral is the “Notre Dame of the Hunchback,” that’s how Victor Hugo penned it out. The most thrilling part during your visit is when you dig deeper in the archaeological crypt going to the North Tower. Touring Notre Dame is convenient in October till March, ideally in the mornings and in the evenings to see the views of the stained glass. Free guide tours in English are also available upon request.

Opened to everyone to honor the French-President Georges Pompidou, the Center Gorgeous Pompidou is considered to be the cultural heart of the city. The gigantic architecture houses performing plaza, public library and art museum of 20th century masterpieces. The galleries are open daily from eleven in the morning till nine in the evening. Tickets are available at the counter’s area. The three-floor public library is free and for everyone to use. You can find an array of books, magazines, periodicals and multimedia resources here. There are also food and dining in the second floor, reservation-only restaurant at the rooftop, bookstores at the ground, 4th and 6th floors and Parisian Boutique at the ground floor.

The last but not the least is the Sorbonne University. This is the oldest and the intellectual hub of Paris and was once the home of the world’s philosophers and writers like Rene Descartes and Jean-Paul Sarte. Getting here requires you to ride Metro Cluny-La-Sorbone in Line 10 or RER Luxembourg in Line B. Enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend in café before walking around the incredible squares and gardens is surely a grand.


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