Get High with the London Eye

Call it the Millennium Wheel or the Biggest Ferris Wheel, there’s still only one trademark name in everyone’s mind and it’s none other than the London Eye.

Since its operation on December 31, 1999- the Eye has been the most-paid attraction in the United Kingdom. No doubt about it, riding the 443-feet Eye is truly an impeccable experience. Just imagine if you are blasted off in the air twirling around for thirty minutes and seeing the eye-catching top of Windsor Castle that’s almost 25 miles away.

All you might say is WOW. The London’s Eye is the only ten-ton object in the world that gives you the total circumference of joy and excitement. In fact, you must be aware this is the only Eye that receives series of awards from 2000 to 2007. In 2006, it was voted as the Best Day-out for Londononer’s while in 2007, the called it as the Best Attraction in Europe.
And here’s another fact you should know: The London Eye compared to British Airlines has the ability to carry 3.5 million customers annually.

I Want to Get There!

Getting near the London’s Eye is made easy. These days, you can do all the bookings and reservations online. To those who are living near the south bank of River Thames, you’re lucky as the Ticket Center is right at the corner.

Yet, if you are living within the land area of Great Britain, You can choose to ride the Waterloo. This Waterloo is the nearest tube station going to the London Eye.

You can also ride a bus. Are you familiar with these numbers 77, 211 and 381? If yes then they can take you to the London Eye without stops. But if you have a car, you need to park it and travel by foot around the South Bank. The location of Eye is a “congestion charge zone,” never expect a parking site just around the corner.

Traveling by boat is also possible. If you are taking a European Cruise and one of the itineraries is a stop at Millennium Pier, you can immediately be on your knees or get a friend to ride the London Eye.


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