Series of Enchantments at the Blackpool Tower

On March 14, 1894, a tourist attraction quite synonymous to Eiffel Tower was opened to the people of Blackpool, Lancashire in London. This 518 ft. observation tower was noticeably known for its house circus at the base corner. 

Do you now know what this is? It’s the Blackpool Tower!

Coming here is surely a fun-filled experience for the whole family and friends. Can you just imagine the loads of sweet memories you can have while being in these places: Tower Circus of Dreams, Jungle Jim’s Towering Adventureland, Tower Ballroom, Jurassic Walk & 3D Cinema, Tower Aquarium, Tower Top and Tower Top Weddings. 

You are your young siblings are welcomed to witness the spectacular Mooky’s Circus of Stars like you’ll never seen before. Since its inception in May 14, 1894, the circus continues to wow the audience with their dazzling magic tricks and series of unforgettable laughs. Their regular shows usually include parade of the stars, break-dancing, animatronic, live music and pantomime.   

Who says that playgrounds are for kids only? Even at 30, you will not also get bored when you are inside the walls of Jungle Jim’s Towering Adventureland. There are lots of hidden treasures that are at for grabs around. There are also party packages being offered for each child. A party package includes several perks and activities to make your visit a blast! Just be reminded that Jungle Jim has left you new sets of important instructions to follow. As of the moment, advance reservations are needed before attending any timed sessions and there’s already a height-restriction policy.

Next stop is the Ballroom. This Victorian-setting room, situated at the front of tower complex, is the ideal place for an endless search of romance and attraction. The walls made up mahogany; oak and walnut keep the excitement on a higher level as you are gliding with smooth ease at the center of the dance floor. Added to the romance-in-the-air theme is the William Shakespeare’s verse inscribed above the stage, “Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear" or in simplest terms, “Hear me, there’s something so sweet I want to tell you.”

Miss the adventures of Steven Spielberg? Be prepared and Spielberg’s dinosaurs are coming back to haunt you at Jurassic Walk. With its 3D cinema along with the best sound, you’ll surely not be left behind with the best mesmerizing fun and action. 

The Tower Aquarium, the Tower Lounge Bar, the Tower Top and the Tower top Events are the other grand spots not to forget to see. Before lounging and being at the top, you should first see the Tower Aquarium. This old tank gives rise to the use of limestone caverns where fifty-seven species of fresh and salt water fishes are inside. 

Of course, the visit will remain incomplete without experiencing a grand wedding at the Top of the Tower. Or if you’re not ready to marry yet, just be on the scene of the event and enjoy the feel. It is truly an experience at the Blackpool!


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