The Breathtaking White Cliffs of Dover

It seems hard to imagine a white-colored cliff. But hey, before asking anything to someone, let me tell you a white-colored cliff really exists and it is made up of pure white calcium carbonate. 

The White Cliffs of Dover is a 106-meter-high attraction that stands at the heart of British coastline extending from east to west of English port. I suggest you to go out on a clear sunny day and you can surely see the cliffs in the French coast. 

If you are still curious about this natural and gigantic attraction, the face of this cliff erodes regularly. Studies confirm the average annual rate of erosion clocks at one centimeter. That’s why, if decided to visit here, you better stay at least five meters back from the edge point. This must be done to avoid accidents.

Truth is; the cliff remains white because of the erosion. Do you believe it? Yes folks, it’s true. When there’s erosion, piles of rock fall during the winter season. When this event happens, the so-called “water in the chalks” ices up, making the surface layers break. If it’s not a winter season, this white cliff turns into green due top vegetation. 

Visiting the White Cliffs of Dover is easy if you ride a train from London. Perhaps, it will be nicer if you also visit the Samphire Hoe and Shakespeare Cliff. Are you wondering what these two are? Well, to make it easier for you to understand, the Samphire Hoe is a country park situated at the base of Shakespeare Cliff. Here, you can see breathtaking views of the white-colored cliffs. 

Never forget your digital camera, folks! Even if you’re not in the field of photography, you will still be tempted to take shots in different angles. Yet, if you’re not satisfied with just taking pictures, perhaps you can ask for a tour guide and explore the hidden tunnels located behind the cliff face. These tunnels were once served as the Secret Wartime Tunnels of the Dover Castle. 

Is it amazing to be inside those tunnels?

If yes then you need to know the tour is not yet finished. Near the cliff, there are luxurious hotels and camp sites to stay at. Why not stay here for a while and enjoy the accommodation being offered?


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