Palace of Westminster: All Glitters and Jems

It feels so good to live in London near the River Thames and you get to see the ever-magnificent Palace of Westminster.

At first look, you immediately notice its three eye-catching towers. You should know that the Victoria Tower is the tallest of them all clocking at 323 feet. Right in the middle is the octagonal-shaped Central Tower. This is the shortest of the three but the only tower designed with a pyramidal structure. The third tower is the Clock Tower and one of its main bells is a household name. It’s none other than the Big Ben.

Get inside the south-western gate of the Palace and you see the public park known as the Victoria Tower Gardens. It’s called as such for the reason that it houses historic and beautiful sculptures, statues and fountains.  

Wow, that’s only the exterior part of the Palace folks! Be inside the Palace and get awed by its 1, 100+ rooms, at least 100 staircases and a shocking three-mile-passageway. Actually, there are only four floors inside the Palace. The first floor is for the Chambers, the lobbies and the libraries while the two-top floors are for the committee rooms and offices only.

The largest hall in Europe is also found in this Palace. This is simply called as the Westminster Hall but due its large roof beyond the imagination of some, the hall was once tagged as “The greatest creation of medieval timber architecture.” If you are wondering what’s the use of this hall and why it has to be “this big?” According to the book, the place itself has written series of numerous and important events in human history. Would you believe the State Trial of King Charles I after the English Civil War was held here?

For the bookworms out there, your eyes will be dazzled with limitless number of books, journals, official papers and other medium of electronic resources. Though, this House of Commons Library is closed for the public. Yet, once you’re a member, you are given the privilege to scan archives of what to be the Parliamentary Docs.

It seems as if one day is not enough to tour this palace considering its gigantic size and tight security. Even protesting in front the palace is not allowed without permission from Metropolitan Police. But let me tell you that once you step a foot inside this palace, never forget visiting the following: The Robing Room, The Central Lobby, The Lords Chamber, Bars and Restaurants and Gymnasium


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