Sick of the New England Snow? Take a Warm Weather Vacation!

We love New England. It is a place we live and love with its great mix of mountains, ocean, history, excellent quality of life and all the fun attractions. But winter 2008/2009 in New England has become unbearable -- one nasty storm after another. Before you break your back shoveling snow once more, consider a warmer destination vacation getaway. Have Junior down the street do the shoveling (and please pay him!) while you're walking a nice warm beach in beautiful places like Aruba, Cancun, Bermuda, and Cleveland (just kidding on the last one). After this winter, you deserve it!

Don't get us wrong: Winter is a nice place to be in New England. The snow-covered villages, the skiing, the winter community events -- this is the place to be if you like a quaint, cozy winter vacation. But to live here year-round and endure a tougher winter than usual has its limits. With a higher than average snowfall this winter, we feel stronger than ever that a warmer climate would provide a nice respite. Here are a few vacation getaways that should do the trick:


Grand Bahama Islands


Cancun, Mexico

Grand Caymen Islands

Key Largo, FLA

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Miami Beach, FLA

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Orlando, FLA

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you have a favorite warm weather place, we'd love to hear about that destination. Although we New Englanders are loyal to our native land, we also feel the need once in a while to come out of the frozen tundra.

Additionally, as always, please let us know your favorite places in New England. That is our business, but on this post we'd thought it'd be nice to warm up to the thought of a summer vacation in the winter!


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