The Isles Of Scilly And It's Sub-Tropical Scenery

If white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise sea, exotic sub-tropical plants and a quality of life away from the busy world is your ideal summer vacation then the Isles of Scilly are the best destination of choice.

Just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, in the southwest of Great Britain, lies five inhabited islands: St. Mary, St Agnes, Bryher, Tresco, St. Martin's and along with other hundreds of islets and rocks - formed the wonderful Scillonian archipelago. Each of this isles holds a unique and rather special character, making any tourists visit a memorable and an exciting one.

  • St. Mary as the largest island forms the economic center of the whole archipelago. Visiting this isle, you'll find museums which showcases its local history, the main shopping center is located here particularly in the Hugh Town. There is a busy harbour and modern small airport where making this isle the port of entry for ferry and air services in the whole archipelago.
  • Tresco is famed for the sub-tropical Abbey Botanical Gardens. Here you can see rare and beautiful array southern-hemisphere plants from over 80 countries across the globe. This is a perfect spot for nature-lovers and flower enthusiasts.
  • St. Martin's offers a perfect place for family with secluded clean beaches, crystal clear waters and along with stunning views. There is a daily boat ride in the area for fishing trips, island hopping or a trip to the Eastern isles to view the seal and bird colonies or to the uninhabited islands such as St Helen's, Nor Nour and Ganilly, and even to the Bishop Rock lighthouse.
  • St. Agnes is the most south-westerly island. A remote jewel set in the the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect spot for romantic walks along with wild flowers and lichens on the trail or on the stunning coastline. One may plunge into the waters, or watch the marine life in the rock pools. Also, searched for beads from a 17th century shipwreck called the Beady Pool.
  • Bryher is the smallest community, a peaceful little island with waters perfect for diving and snorkeling. It has one of the best vantage point in the whole archipelago from the top of the Watch Hill, where islanders in the past used it to kept watch for ships in distress. Although, Bryher has a small area, a visitor will find a range of high quality hotel accommodations with shops, sub-post office, café and licensed restaurant, and a public bar to dine and wine.
All these and the mild climate due to the Gulf Stream that passes close by, has made the Isles of Scilly, a package of nature and adventure. For travelers, relaxation in the midst of a tranquil environment is a guarantee and there's no other place that can provide you this kind of pleasure, other than the The Isle of Scilly - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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