Bay Of Fires: Australia's Tourist Spot Of Tranquil Beauty

Bay of Fires is recognized as one of Australia's favorite and best tourist destination spots. Set between Eddystone Point and Binalong Bay, Bay Of Fires is famous for its magnificent blue waters, exquisite red rocks, fishing lagoons and white beaches. As a majestic wilderness coastline located at the edge of Tasmania's Mt. William National Park, Bay of Fires serves as a home to wildlife, ecology and beautiful and captivating landscapes that will make a tourist's stay a memorable one!

The eye-catching beach environment of Bay of Fires can be explored by tourists, guided by young, knowledgeable Tasmanian guides. You can go for river kayaking in the Anson River, where you will experience its elegant ecology as it winds its way to the mouth of Ansons Bay, home for eagle rays and water bays. It's a calm and protected river where you'll see the woodland and water birds set in their natural environment.

Bird watching is another activity that can be enjoyed in the place. Bay of Fires is an ideal spot for twitchers as it has a good access to several bird habitats, such as wetlands, woodlands, coastal heath and shorelines. Over a number of 50 species of birds can be spotted, including the Yellow Wattlebird and the Tasmanian Thornbill.

Bay of Fires is a good place for nature walks. Tourists can wander down the white granite sands of Abbotsbury Peninsula, where dolphins and whales can be seen. At Bailey's Rock, you can take a short trip to watch terns and gannets dive into the waters. The Eddystone Point Lighthouse is where tourists can search for hidden shell coves. You can also experience fun beach activities like fishing, body surfing and snorkeling.

Bay of Fires is truly a place where tourists can experience the tranquility and solitude of nature.


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