The Allure of Italy's Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast or Costiera Amalfitana in Italian is a lovely stretch of coastline on the southern side of Sorrentine Peninsula in Italy. It spans an area from the town of Positano in the west to the town of Vietri sul Mare in the east; covering ten more towns where each holds a unique heritage. Renowned for it's rugged terrain, scenic beauty, diverse culture and best Mediterranean foods, the Amalfi Coast, is listed as one of the World's Heritage Site by (UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

History and nature combined is what makes up the Amalfi Coast. The main historical sight is the Duomo, also known as the Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea where the elite or the religious in Amalfi resides. Other churches in the area are the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, the church of San Pancrazio in Conca dei Marini and more. There is a natural reserve of the “Ferriere" and a marine reserve of "Punta Campanella" which maintains the natural integrity of the surrounding.

Summer is a great time to visit the Amalfi Coast where you can have a great time relaxing – soaking up the sun or just enjoying the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If you're in the mood for love, the scenic beauty of nature in the Amalfi coast is a romantic spot perfect for honeymoons. But if you're into the nightlife, L'Africana, which is just east of Positano is the best nightclub in the area.

Last not least, the Amalfi cuisine; have a taste of there special cuisine with a taste of lemons on each dishes. Try some of these well-known dishes including l'orata al forno, la zuppa di pesce, la carne alla pizzaiola, le cozze alla marinara, and l'insalata di mare. Amalfi Coast produces a sweet strong liqueur called limoncello - a must-know for all the visitors. Along terraces of this area are packed with beautiful aromatic lemon groves. This is why, each of their delicacies always has the sweetness of lemon in it, making visitors come back for more.


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