Louvre Museum: An Imperial Fortress turned National Museum

Looking for a destination where rulers of the country's nation previously resides, then it is to Louvre Museum that you should be heading.

Louvre Museum, Museum de Louvre as it is called in French, is located in Paris, is particularly a central landmark found on the Right Bank of the Seine in the 1st arrondissement (meaning neighborhood). The Glass pyramid found outside the museum is a memorable landmark and is most often chosen as a good photographed view. Not to mention the spot being featured on the movie “Da Vinci Code”. Just right below the pyramid is where large collection of works are being displayed including that of Leonardo's Mona Lisa.

The museum is resided in the Louvre Palace, a palace built under Phillip II. The vastness of the museum was a result of all the expansions ordered by the preceding residents namely Louis XIV during the 16th century, Henry IV, Louis XIII and Napoleon Bonaparte. Over the years, the palace havehave become a home to an extensive art collection that France had been collecting from various significant painters, sculptors and many more.

Aiming to see every piece of work found in the museum would take weeks which is why the Louvre divided all the works into eight collections. Visitors picks a few collections of which they can engulf with all throughout the entire Louvre tour. Apart from the selected collection chosen, every visitor gets an obligatory stop at the Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, also known as the Mona Lisa.

The Louvre museum is a great destination during a Paris vacation. The former palace is a historic building, with varied architecture, and one of the most expansive collections of art in the world. As for art fanatics, they cannot stand missing a chance in including Louvre Museum on their list of destination.


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