Croatia: Experience Its Richness In Culture And Adventure!

This summer if you aim for an island adventure in Europe, try Croatia. With over a thousand islands spread around the Adriatic Sea, you'll enjoy island hopping as you marvel at the natural beauty and the richness in culture that Croatia has to offer to all its visitors.

Located between South-Central Europe and Middle Europe, Croatia is the closest Mediterranean destination to central Europe, so if one wishes to escape from the hassle and bustle of the urban life, it only takes a 2-hour ride by plane from London or 45 minutes from Munich to this paradise. One may also travel by car or take its national ferry line, Jadrolinija. Once you get there, you'll be amazed of how Croatia is so blessed with nature's bounty. Thus, a perfect lace to relax and keep in touch with nature. Over third of Croatia is forested. Its densely wooden mountains and rocky coastlines in the Adriatic Sea are significant and amongst the best preserved in the world. In fact, certain places in Croatia like the Plitvice Lake and Dubrovnik's Old City are listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Over 5,800 km of Croatia's coast is surrounded with wonderful beaches and resorts; crystal clear waters that lap the fine white sandy shores draws millions of tourists each year. Renowned beaches in Croatia for example is the Brela Beaches which entered into Forbes "top 20 beaches of the world" list. Aside from the beaches of Croatia, it is famous for its numerous national parks as well. Lonjsko polje as one of Croatia's beautiful parks is rich in flora and fauna where rare birds species like the white tailed and short toed eagle nestled.

If you want to go offshore and explore Croatia's historical sites then Dubrovnik is a must-see . Dubrovnik hosts many arts, musical and theatre events each year: the Dubrovnik Summer Festival for example is a superb event which lasts for an entire month. It gathered various artists – local and foreign - to entertain the public with their unique concerts and plays.

There's a wide-ranged of activities here in Croatia perfect for all ages. Whatever your purpose are for visiting this country: it might be for a summer vacation, a weekend getaway with your family, or a honeymoon for newlyweds, your visit will indeed be a memorable one. This is why Croatia was nominated as one of the nine countries in Europe for “European Tourist Destination Of Excellence”.


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