Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake might just be the most beautiful and scenic lakes in the entire world. It is part of the Canadian Rockies and is part of the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. The lake is formed in between the Waputik Range valley, which means it is situated right between the Peyto Peak, Mount Jimmy Simpson, and Caldron Peak. This glacier-fed lake is best known amongst tourists for its beautiful turquoise color that also changes along with the season. Thus, you have something to look forward to, regardless of which season you decide to visit. The lake is named after a famous trail guide and trapper in Banff, who is Bill Peyto.

The Peyto Lake is fed by the Peyto Creek, wherein waters come from the Peyto Glacier and Caldron Lake. The lake is very easy to access from the Icefields Parkway wherein you must follow a paved trail that is approximately a 10-minute drive to get there. There are also parking spots provided in the spot, although you can only be accommodated in the low level parking. The lake itself sits at an altitude of 1860 meters.

The short, paved trail from Bow Summit will offer you with the most breathtaking view that your eye could bear witness to. The months of June to early July will produce a dark blue color in the lake as soon as the summer season kicks off and the nearby glaciers begin to melt. As summer continues to progress, the glaciers continue to melt and the melted water will make its way into the delta and lake. Thus, the lake is filled with ground-rock debris that is also known as “rock flour”. These fine particles are suspended in the surface of the lake's water.

Many have this false misconception that the mineral contained in the rock flour is responsible for producing the unique color in the lake. However, it is actually a reflection from the light spectrum that produces that blue-green color on the lake as the light shines on these particles. This is responsible for the changing of colors on the lake as the season changes over time. Because of this natural wonder, the lake is an ideal sightseeing spot for tourists who come to the park.

For those traveling to Peyto Lake from other countries, there are several choices of accommodation within the area. Some of the popular hotels available to choose from include Post Hotel & Spa Lake Louise, Fairmont Chateau Hotel Lake Louise, and the Lake Louise Inn. These accommodation choices are equipped with various facilities and amenities to ensure a relaxing stay while you enjoy the sights at Peyto Lake.


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