Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort

The weather in the Philippines is hot almost throughout the year because of its tropical climate. Hence, Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort offers the best getaway for tourists who wanted to cool off, enjoy a great view of nature, and escape the hustle and bustle of the modern city life. There are a lot in store for visitors with full amenities to ensure a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort is another nature resort that is situated along Eden and Bayabas in the district of Toril, wherein another famous nature resort, Eden Nature Park, is located. Travel time to Lolengs could take up between 45 minutes to one hour, depending whether you are commuting or taking a private vehicle. For commuters, you can take a jeepney or taxi towards Toril District. If you are taking the jeepney, get off the main road and there are motorcycles that you can take to get to the resort.

The entrance fee to Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort is very affordable at only PhP 50. Children below the age of 3 can get free entrance to the resort as well as use the swimming pool free of charge. For regular guests, you have to pay only a cheap PhP 50 for the use of swimming pool. They do accept walk-in guests to the resort but you can also make reservations if you plan on holding functions and other events at the resort, such as wedding, team building activities, or retreats, among others.

The resort is actually man-made, which was designed to rebuild a natural atmosphere with Benguet-like pine trees and canopy forests. The terraces on the resort were built on a mountain slope and several pine seedlings were planted there. When they grew, it provided a secondary forest that helped to offer a refreshing backdrop to the sights and attractions at this nature resort.

There are also several facilities that visitors can avail of, giving them plenty of things to do during their stay. As mentioned above, there is a swimming pool that is made up of cold spring water, which offers a relaxing dip to cool you off in the hot summer days. There is also a wide playground for kids to run around and play on the outside. And for sports enthusiasts, you can spend your time at the tennis or basketball courts. If you want to go boating or fishing, there is a corresponding rate on your rental of the boat, depending on the number of people joining this boating trip. The boating trip will cost PhP 50 for 2 persons, PhP 100 for 4 persons, and PhP 150 for 6 persons.

Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort also have their own restaurant, Maia's Cafe Restaurant, wherein you can order local delicacies and enjoy great meals during your stay. For those holding functions or retreats in the resort, they offer catering services to accommodate your dining needs.

The accommodations at this nature resort is also affordable. The prices of their rooms for overnight stay approximately range from PhP 2,000 to PhP 5,000, wherein their rooms can accommodate 2 persons or as much as 24 persons.

If you want to be close to nature and be away from the fast paced lifestyle of the city, Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort is a perfect destination for the ultimate R & R. They have several recreational facilities and comfortable accommodations to suit your unique needs. Nonetheless, all of these you can avail of at an affordable rate.


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