Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malawi because this is one of the most well-preserved and awe-inspiring lakes in the world. This beautiful, fresh water lake is the third largest lake in Africa and second in depth, while also being the eighth largest lake in the world. The actual measurement of the lake is estimated to be around 360 miles in length and 52 miles in width. This is also considered as a border lake for other African countries, such as Tanzania and Mozambique.

Lake Malawi is an important natural resource for this country, which is also why the government is doing its best to preserve this freshwater lake. Economically, it has provided several sources of employment for its locals. There are several net makers, fishermen, fish traders, and canoe makers in the area. The lake is also a significant part of Malawi's history, which is reflected in the dispute over its official name. International maps refer to Lake Malawi as Lake Nyasa but despite geopolitical disputes, the official name has been retained for this lake.

What is it about Lake Malawi that make it a worthy attraction to visit? This is without a doubt a paradise that offers plenty of things to do to fill your time. You can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or kayaking at the lake. There are also boat cruises available for tourists via the MV Ilala wherein tourists can get upclose and personal with some of the best sights in and around the lake. There are also sailing safaris available wherein you can ride the Mufasa yacht. Make sure to not miss this when you visit.

The waters of this beautiful fresh water lake is crystal clear and placid all year round. The government wanted to keep these waters unspoilt, which is why they have discouraged commercialization in the area so as not to lose its charm. Thus, visitors can expect lots of affordable and low-key accommodations in the area. However, there are also luxury accommodations for those who wanted to avail of relaxing amenities. Regardless, it is a nice way to escape from it all and get friendly with the locals.

Aside from maintaining the beauty of this lake, there are also several wildlife and unique species found in the area, such as cichlid and the kampango. Because of the threat from water pollution and overfishing, these species are kept well preserved and this is part of the efforts to maintain a low key aura to protect all the wildlife that inhabit in this lake.

If you wish to visit Lake Malawi, there are several ways to get there. You can catch a bus at the Monkey Bay or Mangochi to take you there. There are also local taxis available for rent if you want to get around the area. If you would like to visit the Northern Lakeshore, you can hire a bus to take you to Karonga, Nkhata Bay or Mzuzu. There are also car rentals available for those who wish to drive themselves to Lake Malawi, which is a good option because this is a safe country. However, you must be willing to shoulder the expensive petrol prices in the country.


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