Leticia By The Sea

Leticia By The Sea is not just another resort in Samal Island. Although a string of resorts in Samal and Talicud Island has sprung up over the past few years, there is a unique charm to this resort that will offer you paradise in just an hour away.

Leticia By The Sea is a small and private resort located in Talicud Island owned by the same people behind Casa Leticia, which explains the name. However, when this resort claims to offer a “private” getaway, they literally mean one. The owners of this resort offer visitors and tourists a chance to own the resort for one day, or two (however long you want to stay), by exclusively renting the place. They have an overnight package costing PhP 10,000 that is enough to accommodate 15 people or a maximum of 20 people. This package already includes accommodations and use of resort facilities, such as kitchen and cooking facilities, use of kayaks, kiddie pools and other water sports, resident cook, helper, and boat transfers.

Given the number of people that can be accommodated by the resort and all of the other facilities that you can enjoy, the exclusive rental of this place is definitely affordable and is a great value. And yet, you will be able to privately enjoy the natural beauty and charm of this hidden paradise to get your much needed rest and relaxation. It is no doubt a great choice of destination as compared to other resorts that are flocked by lots of other visitors that it is impossible to truly relax.

What about the resort facilities? Let us start with the accommodation. The cottages at Leticia By The Sea are strategically built in a place at the island wherein you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea from afar, which is breathtaking with its turquoise color. The cottages in itself are also quite a view, which features a mixture of Balinese and Filipino influence in its design and architecture, which offers that perfect tropical feel to your vacation.

When you step out of the cottage, there are more breathtaking views you can enjoy. The landscape of colorful garden and trees, as well as the crystal clear waters and well preserved marine life, all contribute to that relaxing atmosphere that visitors to Leticia By The Sea rave about. Some of the sports and water facilities that visitors can avail of are jet ski, snorkeling gear, kayaks, inflatable rides, and an aquatic trampoline. In fact, the sheer beauty of the underwater marine life makes it a perfect spot for scuba diving with the dock offering a perfect jumpoff point when you go diving. Unfortunately, the resort does not have its own diving gears, so you can arrange a diving appointment with a diving company to provide your gears for you.

The charm of this virgin island should be hard to resist for anyone who wants a relaxing vacation, or those who simply want to escape it all and be away from the buzz of the city. There are plenty of ways to travel to this resort for an escape. There are five public boats scheduled to travel from Davao to Talicud Island from the Sta. Ana Pier. Boat rides are scheduled in between 10AM to 3PM.

Another option for traveling to Leticia By The Sea is to take a barge from Sasa to Samal, then take a 30-minute ride heading to Kaputian. The final mode of transportation is a banca ride, which normally takes only 10 minutes so you can get to Talicud Island. You can pre-arrange boat charters with the resort officials at Leticia By The Sea to make your travel more convenient.


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