Rent holiday apartments in Savudrija with TravelAdriatic

The dramatic increase of Croatian hotel prices over the past few years, especially in regions of Istria and Dalmatia, have led many tourists to pick other travel destinations to spend their summer holiday. Apartment rentals are a great alternative to expensive Savudrija hotels (like 5 star Kempinski hotel). This form of cheap accommodation is very popular all over Croatia, and it's the perfect solution when visiting for a weekend or even for longer stays. I've used loads of times - they do short term rentals directly through the owner. It works out much cheaper than a hotel and you've got more than just a room. You'll find that they're much more accommodating than a hotel too! Apartment rentals are often the way to go for pet owners, because many will accept dogs and cats. Do make sure you check on the place's pet policy beforehand, though, since each owner sets his or her own rules.

The cheapest apartment in Savudrija you can find is around 40 EUR per day, and the most expensive cost well over 100 EUR. Before renting Savudrija apartments you need to be informed about self catering in Croatia - it is not like renting a hotel room where you are renting an apartment with hotel services. Renting an apartment in Savudrija is cost effective, particularly for larger groups where you would need to book multiple hotel rooms. In many cases, not only will you save money, but will benefit from greater privacy and space. You will be renting a true home which will have only weekly cleaning, not daily but you will have your our own kitchen and you will need to go out on the first day and do your grocery shopping. Most apartment rentals require a deposit and there's the inevitable anxiety of sending money to a person or agency met only online.

If you are planning a last minute Savudrija vacation and your hotel is already fully booked, why not contact us to see if we have a suitable apartment for a more cost effective and enjoyable holiday experience?

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, with its mile-high, multicolored rock walls, craggy cliffs, and sandy slopes, is the embodiment of nature's awesome power and surpassing beauty. The Grand Canyon , carved by the Colorado River in the United States, one of the world's premier natural attractions is a great place to take pictures.

For many, the breathtaking expansive views, colorful buttes, and hidden depths of the Grand Canyon stand as an icon of the American West and the national park system. Be sure to take the time to watch the play of light and shadows across this amazing wonder. Wander along a trail and feel the sunshine and breeze on your face. Why not attend a park ranger program?

Follow the amusing antics of the ravens and condors soaring high above the rim. Savor a beautiful sunrise or tranquil sunset. This fall the park looks forward to the completion of the Hermit Road reconstruction project. Since last spring the contractor has been repaving the roadway, improving the pullouts and shuttle bus stops, and developing a new segment of the hiking and bicycling Greenway Trail. Simultaneously, the National Park Service crews have been working on the Rim Trail. They anticipate reopening the Hermit Road to all traffic sometime in November. Check with the Visitor Center or with a park ranger for the date.

President Theodore Roosevelt stood on the Grand Canyon South Rim more than 100 years ago and implored the assembled crowd to “Keep this great wonder of nature as it now is . . . Keep it for your children and your children’s children and for all who come after you, as one of the great sights which every American, if he can travel at all, should see.”

Today the Grand Canyon South Rim National Park welcomes travelers from all over the world to this great wonder. As one of the great tourist spots in the world, The Grand Canyon have prevailed it's greatness and sense of being a tourist haven.

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest places that is considered to be a MUST-SEE!

What New England Town Reminds You Most of Small Town America?

Article and photo (of Wrentham, MA) by Eric H.

They've been called Norman Rockwell towns, a scene out of Currier and Ives, or in our modern New England world, a "wicked cool place to be." Small town America still exists in our New England communities, although often challenged by rampant development. What are some true New England small-town elements? A wholesome look from the 1950s, many times with a town common, schools and church all within the downtown district, local diner, ice cream parlor, historic municipal buildings, a general or country store, and tree-lined side streets with big-old homes. Most importantly, small town America features lots of community events, a traditional sense of values, a slower pace of life, and close-knit, low crime neighborhoods. Although few towns seem to contain all elements of small town America, here is my current top 10 list of classic New England small towns (subject to change):

Chester, CT
South Berwick, Maine
Southwest Harbor, Maine (Acadia National Park)
Sandwich, MA (Cape Cod)
Wrentham, MA
Keene, NH
Bristol, RI
Weston, VT
Stowe, VT
Woodstock, VT

We'd be interested in hearing from you on your top list of small town America New England communities!

The Best Summer Attractions in York Beach, Maine

Article and photo by Eric H.

The latest summer travel article is "Ten Reasons to Visit York Beach, Maine." One of New England's best family-oriented vacation destinations, York Beach features two fantastic ocean beaches (Long Sands and Short Sands), the famous Nubble Lighthouse, York Wild Kingdom Zoo and Fun Park, Brown's Ice Cream stand with its famous wild Maine blueberry ice cream, and The Goldenrod -- a restaurant that is best known for its salt water taffy making. The York Beach area is also a great place to dine on Maine seafood at places like Fosters Downeast Clambake we've fallen in love with the lobster and clam chowder You can read the full article on York Beach attractions by clicking the link above.

The Statue of Liberty

It stands on a small island in the middle of the New York City harbor and was designed by Sculptor Frederick Auguste Bertholdi. The Statue of Liberty is said to be a gift of international friendship from the people of France in commemoration of the USA centennial anniversary in 1876.

The 151-feet (46-meters) tall monument stands atop a granite pedestal above the walls of a star shaped abutment. It was not completed and dedicated until October 28 1886. It was designated a National Monument on October 15, 1924. The Statue of Liberty has become one of the most universal symbols of Freedom and Democracy.

The statue is much more impressive when you are standing at its feet looking up. It is worth taking the ferry to Liberty Island just for this view. You cannot enter the statue itself, but you can tour the promenade at the base of the statue and you can enter the observatory inside the base and look up into the inner structure of the statue. To get to the Statue of Liberty, which resides on Liberty Island, you must take a ferry either from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey or Battery Park in New York City. If you plan on visiting Liberty Island, you should be aware that a visit on average is about three hours, if you take a tour.

Probably the most popular icon of New York City is the Statue Of Liberty. This may be because; it represents what this country is all about, freedom. Following the Empire State Building most tourists visit Statue Of Liberty.

The Island provides plenty of area for picnics and small family gatherings and even a Junior Ranger program available for children. The observatory all the way on top of the Statue is closed to the public, due to security reasons. Admission to Liberty Island and all it has to offer is quite inexpensive. Adults pay $11.50, Senior Citizens $9.50, Children $4.50 and Children under 3 years of age gain free admission. Liberty Island opens at 8:30 am and the last ferry leaves its dock at 6:30 pm.

Truly, the Statue of Liberty have not only became a universal symbol of freedom and democracy, it has as well built to attract tourists!

River Falls Restaurant in Woonsocket, R.I., Brings Back Ma Glockner's Berched Chicken Dinner

Article and photo by Eric H.

(WOONSOCKET, R.I.) - Those who miss the famous berched chicken dinner at the former Ma Glockner's restaurant in Bellingham, Mass., will be pleased to know that the River Falls Restaurant in Woonsocket, R.I., recently reintroduced the, legendary dish.

Berched chicken involves a special process that includes steaming a seasoned chicken breast for several hours and then searing it on a grill for seven minutes. "Ma" Glockner invented the dish when the restaurant opened in 1937 and was served until its closing in September 2008.

At this writing, the River Falls serves the berched chicken dinner on Sundays -- along with other Ma Glockner's favorite like salad with French dressing, sweet potatoes and coconut cream pie.

You can read the full article at on the return of the berched chicken dinner at the River Falls Restaurant and Lounge here.

Easton, MA, Chosen as a Best Place to Live by CNN/

Article and photo by Eric H.
Congratulations to Easton, MA, by finishing 37th in CNN/'s Best Places to Live 2009. Although we understand that it's a difficult task to choose best places to live (there's lots of subjectivity involved) Easton's high ranking does not surprise us. The town prides itself on historical preservation, conservation of beautiful open land, an excellent school system and deep community involvement. The H.H. Richardson-designed buildings (Ames Free Public Library, Oakes Memorial Hall) in North Easton, especially add a flavor to the quaint New England downtown. Add the fabulous Children's Museum in Easton, the scenic Borderland State Park, the peaceful Sheep Pasture to stroll, and easy access to Boston (35 miles away), and you indeed have a special town.

Not too long ago, we featured a photo essay on North Easton, perhaps the most strikingly beautiful section of Easton. We think the article and photos will give you a taste of this very nice community.

The Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are one of the world’s tallest buildings. From 1998 to 2004 they remained as the tallest building ever built, however in 2004 Taipei 101 in Taiwan took the title which stands nearly 200 foot taller. But even if Taipei 101 is taller than the Petronas Towers, the Petronas Towers still stand today as the world’s tallest twin towers.

The Petronas Twin Towers were designed by the architect Casar Pelli, and was fully accomplished in the year 1998. The towers are based upon a Muslim symbol which is throughout the design of the building . The Petronas Twin Towers boasts the worlds deepest foundations at 120m. The immense scale of Petronas is impressive. You’ll only really gonna appreciate the detail of it’s Islamic design once you see it in person. Not only does this show that the architect actually engaged with the surroundings of the building he was designing - Malaysia is a Muslim country - but it also gives these towers a look that is simultaneously very modern and very local. It is always good to see examples of non-westernized modernity and these towers are an icon of that thinking.

Underneath the Petronas Twin Towers are the Suria KLCC shopping mall, and the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas which is the home of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Tower One is fully occupied by the Petronas Company which is Malaysia’s national oil company and a number of its subsidiaries and partners. Tower Two is nearly all available for lease companies which have offices in Tower Two include Al Jazeera International, Boeing, IBM and Microsoft.

Outside the towers is KLCC park which looks lovely, and of course is the paddling pool for all you children out there. But the best is the Skybridge. It’s accesible on the 41st and 42nd floors so is approximately half way up the buildings have 88 floors each. This bridge connects between the the two Towers. This bridge weighs 750 tons and is 170m above ground. A maximum of 1700 visitors are allowed to visit the building per day. It is a free pass to travel in the sky bridge, there won’t be charging money to travel in the sky bridge. The sky bridge also acts as a safety purpose to shift the people from one tower to another in the case of emergency.

Sure thing, the Petronas Towers is not only a building but a tourist attraction as well. One of the most attractive building ever built!

Mount Rushmore: A Sculpture Embodying The First 150 Years Of The United State's History

Mount Rushmore (also known as the Mount Rushmore National Memorial) is a grand sculpture located in the United States Presidential Memorial. It was established on March 3, 1925. Made by the famous American artist and sculptor Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum along with 400 other workers between October 4, 1927 and October 31, 1941, this granite sculpture symbolizes the first 150 years of the United States of America's history. This great historical landmark is located in Pennington County near Keystone, South Dakota, and it encompasses 1,278.45 acres and is measured at 5,725 feet above sea level.

The idea of this monument was conceived by South Dakota's state historian Jonah LeRoy “Doane” Robinson in 1923, and was the one who convinced

Borglum to accomplish it. Being an enormous 60-foot sculpture, Mount Rushmore shows the carvings of the heads of four former presidents of the United States, namely George Washington (1732 to 1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743 to 1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858 to 1919) and Abraham Lincoln (1809 to 1965). These presidents were chosen by the sculptor due to their great role in upholding the Republic, as well as for the expansion of its domains.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is currently managed by the National Park Service (or NPS), a United States federal agency. Inside the memorial is the Lincoln Borglum Museum, which has two theaters showing a 13-minute movie regarding the monument. With tourism being the second largest industry of South Dakota, the landmark serves as the state's primary tourist attraction. It also serves as the home for the Rushmore Music Camp's last concerts, as well as attracting a great number of spectators of the annual American motorcycle rally known as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held every August. This great memorial is visited by millions of people every year.