How to Decide on Your Top Holiday Destination as a First-time Traveler?

What are your top holiday destinations? Perhaps, the answers you’ll get depend on the type of person you’re talking to. If you are talking to classy people, they prefer to go to Paris. To those who want to experience the life in busy streets, they will go in NYC. To those who long for beaches and oceans, they want to visit Hawaii.

Oftentimes, I think the life of a tennis athlete is perfectly nice. These athletes tour around the world just to play tennis. They don’t have any responsibilities to think about. Hotel accommodations, shopping, dine-ins and restaurants etc. these are all paid by their marketing sponsors.

I’m sure several people envy these athletes. The fact they are blessed with plenty of chances to explore each nation or city’s own beauty; they are probably the luckiest people alive (except if they are injured or feeling sick). They can enumerate ten to twelve places if you probably ask them what their top holiday destinations are.

Yet, I wonder what the secret formula of a perfect getaway as a first-time traveler. I was making my blog hopping a while ago and I discovered the success of a perfect getaway is research.

Why Research is Important?

  1. By researching, you can evaluate your likes and your dislikes.
  2. By researching, you’ll understand the procedures on how to get discounts and special privileges.
  3. By researching, you can talk to different travel agents.
  4. By researching, your awareness gets sharper (you’ll know what to bring, you’ll know the right techniques in packing etc.).
Yet, things didn’t end there. Some people still have questions related to traveling. So, my next concern is:

How to Choose your Top Holiday Destination if you’re a first-time traveler?

  1. Enumerate your reasons why you want to go in that place. Whether you like it or not, traveling is about money. To ensure the satisfaction of your first travel, make sure you’re heading to the right destination of your dreams. Never go in a place just because you see it in commercials. It will be nicer if you list all the possible reasons and drawbacks before making decisions to why you are going there.
  2. Be knowledgeable about what mode of traveling you want to take part. There are lots of great places in the world and these days, you can spend it on land or water. I’m sure you don’t want to end up like a confused person in the middle of a cruise ship when all you want to do is tour around the gigantic churches in Italy.
  3. Stay in your budget. This is a basic reminder for all the first-time travelers out there. Your budget is like the bread and soul of your vacation. You can’t full feel the thrill of your adventure when all you need to think is how much money I still have in my account. To save money, you need to apply for a vacation packages or if you’re unaware of the term, ask your travel agent about it and he can make the arrangements for you.


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