The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, with its mile-high, multicolored rock walls, craggy cliffs, and sandy slopes, is the embodiment of nature's awesome power and surpassing beauty. The Grand Canyon , carved by the Colorado River in the United States, one of the world's premier natural attractions is a great place to take pictures.

For many, the breathtaking expansive views, colorful buttes, and hidden depths of the Grand Canyon stand as an icon of the American West and the national park system. Be sure to take the time to watch the play of light and shadows across this amazing wonder. Wander along a trail and feel the sunshine and breeze on your face. Why not attend a park ranger program?

Follow the amusing antics of the ravens and condors soaring high above the rim. Savor a beautiful sunrise or tranquil sunset. This fall the park looks forward to the completion of the Hermit Road reconstruction project. Since last spring the contractor has been repaving the roadway, improving the pullouts and shuttle bus stops, and developing a new segment of the hiking and bicycling Greenway Trail. Simultaneously, the National Park Service crews have been working on the Rim Trail. They anticipate reopening the Hermit Road to all traffic sometime in November. Check with the Visitor Center or with a park ranger for the date.

President Theodore Roosevelt stood on the Grand Canyon South Rim more than 100 years ago and implored the assembled crowd to “Keep this great wonder of nature as it now is . . . Keep it for your children and your children’s children and for all who come after you, as one of the great sights which every American, if he can travel at all, should see.”

Today the Grand Canyon South Rim National Park welcomes travelers from all over the world to this great wonder. As one of the great tourist spots in the world, The Grand Canyon have prevailed it's greatness and sense of being a tourist haven.

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest places that is considered to be a MUST-SEE!


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