Rent holiday apartments in Savudrija with TravelAdriatic

The dramatic increase of Croatian hotel prices over the past few years, especially in regions of Istria and Dalmatia, have led many tourists to pick other travel destinations to spend their summer holiday. Apartment rentals are a great alternative to expensive Savudrija hotels (like 5 star Kempinski hotel). This form of cheap accommodation is very popular all over Croatia, and it's the perfect solution when visiting for a weekend or even for longer stays. I've used loads of times - they do short term rentals directly through the owner. It works out much cheaper than a hotel and you've got more than just a room. You'll find that they're much more accommodating than a hotel too! Apartment rentals are often the way to go for pet owners, because many will accept dogs and cats. Do make sure you check on the place's pet policy beforehand, though, since each owner sets his or her own rules.

The cheapest apartment in Savudrija you can find is around 40 EUR per day, and the most expensive cost well over 100 EUR. Before renting Savudrija apartments you need to be informed about self catering in Croatia - it is not like renting a hotel room where you are renting an apartment with hotel services. Renting an apartment in Savudrija is cost effective, particularly for larger groups where you would need to book multiple hotel rooms. In many cases, not only will you save money, but will benefit from greater privacy and space. You will be renting a true home which will have only weekly cleaning, not daily but you will have your our own kitchen and you will need to go out on the first day and do your grocery shopping. Most apartment rentals require a deposit and there's the inevitable anxiety of sending money to a person or agency met only online.

If you are planning a last minute Savudrija vacation and your hotel is already fully booked, why not contact us to see if we have a suitable apartment for a more cost effective and enjoyable holiday experience?


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