Siargao: Surfing Capital of the Philippines

Who can imagine that a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippines is perfect for your surfing adventure? Siargao is an unspoiled and isolated location blessed with unharmed rain forests, islets and lagoons. Plus, the weather is stable all-throughout the year, mostly clocks at thirty degrees Celsius.

Now, can you now feel the intensity of excitement when you get there? If not, let me tell you the ten reasons why Siargao is your destination for your next summer vacation.
  1. The Cloud 9.With the name itself, you can already associate it with greatness. Cloud 9 is named as one of the best surfing capitals in the world due to its thick and hollow tubes. Local and international surfers visit the place and take pleasure in their affordable accommodation and amenities.
  2. Little creatures live there. Siargao is the home of several wildlife creatures. The moment you get here, you can’t help but ask for the tarsier, the green turtle and the Philippine Macaque.
  3. Island Hopping. You can’t ignore the beauty and elegance of Siargao. This small island provides six great islands to explore. Visit and see what the magic in stores for you in Bucas Grande, Twin, Daku, Guyam, Naked and Caub.
  4. Welcoming People. Most people in Siargao earn living through fishing and copra farming. Talk to them and they talk to you in English and Tagalog. Siargao people are hospitable. Meeting them is a pleasure.
  5. See the largest mangrove. The largest mangrove forest in Mindanao is found in Siargao. If you want to ace your vacation, try visiting the place and enjoy the long stretches of wetlands, mineral reserves and the fourth largest lake in the country.
  6. Getting there is easy. To those people living in Cebu, you can take a forty-five minute flight and overnight boat trip that lasts twelve hours. From there, allow those motors to take you on islands and islets.
  7. Get Wet and Tanned. Siargao is also the home of white sand beaches. Hop in here and take the plunge. If you are done swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and diving, get pleasure from staying in one place and get chill under the hot sun.
  8. Shopping is good. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fishes- all the seafood you crave for are in their wet market and bay walk. You can also buy souvenirs everywhere.
  9. Cliffs and Caves. Tired of surfing and getting wet? Give your vacation an extra delight by journeying the cliffs and caves of Siargao. Asking for a tour guide is also possible.
  10. Easy Reservation. Research online and you’ll find numerous sites that provide you contact information about Siargao. Some sites even give you emails and mobile numbers for easy dealings.


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