Camarines Sur: Wakeboarding Capital

CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) is the reason why Camarines Sur becomes a wakeboarding capital of the Philippines. CWC is probably the most popular attraction in the province and it drags thousand of crowds from different places in the world. Basically, wakeboarding involves a wakeboard over a surface of the water and for you to understand, Camarines Sur provides great facilities for this exciting hard-driven water sport and commemorates wakeboarding summit every year.

If you are excited about this sport, here are the four reasons why CWC is your next must-see destination:

  1. It’s affordable. Wakeboarding rates vary on the types of equipment tool you need to rent. For a beginner who wants to explore the sport’s basic whereabouts, the price clocks at Php 160 for an hour. There are also CWC rates that require deposit and are refundable upon the return of gear. If you rent vest and helmet the whole day, its rate is Php 750. If it’s a night date, it’s Php 590 and only limited to 5-9 PM. Half day and hourly rentals buzz at Php 460 and 165, respectively. Renting the board with bindings requires a Php 1000 deposit and rings Php 250 (hourly), Php 750 (half day), Php 1200 (whole day). You might want to try the wakeboarding behind the boat. This type of activity is adrenaline-rush and surely zest up your excitement level in the next level. Prices vary at 15 (Php 1380), 30 (Php 2760) and 60 minutes (Php 5520).
  2. Great Accommodations. Are you looking for comfort? Luxury? These are all in CWC. Whether you choose Villas, Mansions, Cabanas or Containers, you can make sure your lodging-stay fits your budget and you can do an advance booking online.
  3. Travel phase is easy. Wherever you are in the country or anywhere in the world, you can visit Camarines Sur by bus or by plane. Traveling by air takes 45 minutes from Manila Domestic Airport while taking a bus-ride can take eight to ten hours. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, make sure you do early reservations and always double check the things you need to bring before your departure.
  4. Fantastic places and attractions. Camarines Sur allows you to visit great places beyond your imagination. Shopping, gaming room, biking, massaging, hiking, swimming, it’s all nearby. Just ask the locals around you and they are willing to give you the information you want.


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