Cairo: A Historical Place in Egypt

Cairo is the most populous city in Egypt and the largest in the Arab World. It has 214 kilometers squared and currently a developing country in the world. Cairo is marked by wide boulevards, public gardens and open spaces. It’s also the home of multiple famous attractions such as Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Citadel, Ibn Tlun and Al-Azhar Park.

The Lifestyle

Visiting Cairo is going to the city of the thousand Minarets. It’s a vibrant modern society where men and women dress in modern clothing. One is not allowed if you walk around and reveal your thighs, upper arms, backs and cleavage. Especially inside the mosques, it’s truly a disrespectful demeanor once you wear shoes.

Activities and Attractions

There are numerous interesting activities you can do once you’re in Cairo. Apart from its rich and abundant form of lifestyle, you can walk around the city’s recreational places, the most popular being the Al-Azhar Park. This park is a good placeto relax. It has a landscape garden that overlooks the grand castle known as Citadel.

Other great attractions to explore in Cairo are:
  1. Giza Zoo
  2. Cairo Botanical Gardens
  3. Mena House Golf Course (famous place for golfing, overlooking pyramids)
  4. The Media Production City (Egyptian Drama Sets and Studios)
  5. Riding a Felucca along the Nile River (available across the Four Seasons Hotel in Garden City)
  6. Wadi Digla Protected Area (ideal for trekking, cycling, rock climbing, jogging and other exciting activities)
What and Where to Eat

A-Class restaurants are mostly found in Hotels and Nile boats. Get in here and you’ll enjoy Egyptian delicacies and special list of options. Staple food can be bought everywhere and these include kushari (macaroni with lentils and chick peas), fuul (bean paste), taa’miya (falafel) and fetyeer (pancakes).

Western and Asian food are also available. Fast food outlets such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC are all over the place and the trendiest places to hang out. Yet, to those who want to relax while reading daily newspaper, traditional coffee houses are nearby.


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