Red Sea Coast of Egypt

The North part of Egypt’s Red Sea is picked as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. This crystal clear blue water is the home of 800 species of fishes, 200 coral species and thousands of migrating birds in the shorelines. With its red tint mountain ranges around, there are also numbers of great resorts all over and Hurghada is the biggest resort of all.

Speaking of Hurghada, the place has now first class hotels and sports facilities like snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, yachting, windsurfing and sail boarding. The Hurghada Aquarium and Museum is probably the perfect place to explore marine creatures so fascinating to look at. For those people who simply want to look around, numerous bars, restaurants and boutique to keep you entertained.

7 Reasons Why Visit Red Sea Coast
  1. Perfect Destination for Summer. Summer months in Red Sea Coast are warm. You and your friends surely have a great time in place. The attractions are breathtaking and you can enjoy bathing under a scorching sun.
  2. Easy Accommodation. Hotels and Inns are all around even if your destination is not in Hurghada. As long as you research the specific place you want to stay, there is no problem in spending a vacation in Red Sea Coast.
  3. Adventure. As mentioned above, water sports are longer an imagination in Red Sea. All what your dream of is all here. Getting wet and having fun is 100% reality.
  4. Cruising.Go and find yourself a cruise line that meets your demands and budget. All my friends told me cruising is the best way to go through the wonders of Egypt.
  5. Visit Monasteries.The oldest monastery is located Red Sea. The Coptic Christian Monasteries is probably the most peaceful place to meditate, reflect and relax. However, as a respect for the place, you can only see the whole area when you hike on a hill.
  6. Underwater at its finest. Visiting Red Sea Coast is like exploring the wonders under the blue sea. Once you dive underneath, the natural beauty strikes you with greatness.
  7. Travel Packages. If you can’t wait for tomorrow, try browsing the Internet for some vacation packages in the Red Coast. I am sure you can find one and once you’ve the right one, the perfect escapade is not impossible to find.


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