World Travel Guide To Budapest, Hungary

When planning a trip to Europe, most tourists would think about visiting Paris, London, or Madrid, among other famous destinations in the continent. However, there is one particular city in Central/Eastern Europe that is slowly but surely capturing tourists' attention and that is Hungarian capital city, Budapest. The major appeal of this world travel guide to Budapest is that it suits travelers across various budget range. From your daytime stroll and until the evening unfolds, this city seems to kick things into another gear, which is exactly why you must pay it a visit.

Budapest is home to many architectural landmarks, historic sites, shopping centers, nightlife, and lots of other entertainment. The best thing about visiting this city is that it has been noted by expert travel writers to be the biggest bargain among other European vacations. Thus, you can keep yourself occupied without even having to spend a penny.

You can start your journey in this world travel guide to Budapest by heading to the Castle District. The Castle Hill is always on the list of top places to visit in the city, wherein you can also find the Royal Palace and the Matthias Church. Both are noteworthy tourist destinations on their own, particularly for the historically inclined. The Castle District and the Danube Bridge in Budapest are both considered as world heritage sites because of the important role they had played in the history of the city, as well as its development. There are two public transportation methods that you can use when going to the Castle District: bus or funicular.

There are numerous events and festivals held in the Buda Castle Hill all throughout the year. Hence, it is best to plan your vacation so you can catch any of these events. But if you want to enjoy the solemnity of the place and avoid the rush of the crowd, make sure to drop by here mid-autumn or mid-spring.

The Chain Bridge is another iconic tourist attraction in Budapest, which spans the entire length of Danube River up until the foot of Castle Hill. It also served an important role in Budapest's history during the 19th century as it connected Buda with Pest. If you are looking for more historic explorations, visit the Pest side of Danube wherein you can find St. Stephen's Basilica and St. Stephen's Square. There is a massive plaza in front of the church that is sprawling with restaurants and cafes you can check out to sample local cuisines or simply watch the day go by.

For those who'd like to be in touch with nature, you can head on to the City Park of Budapest. This green field is located behind Heroes' Square, which is a perfect stop after some sightseeing. Within the park are many other attractions such as the City Lake, Budapest Zoo, Amusement Park, to name a few. Another green attraction in Budapest is the Margaret Island. This one is perfect choice of destination for family excursions as the flowery park offers a good view of the Danube River. But if you are into some nature hiking while experiencing a panoramic view of the city, check out Gellert Hill. This is cited by expert travel writers as the best spot for weekend outings, or a rendezvous spot for romantic picnics.

Finally, for a truly unique world travel guide to Budapest, try out one of their thermal baths for a healing and relaxing effect. What better way to end your day of strolling and frolicking than to dip your body in a thermal spring? There are many of these thermal baths and spas found all over Hungary, not just in Budapest, since they are known for their healing qualities.


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