World Travel Guide To Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is recognized as one of the most livable and progressive countries in the world. Hence, a visit to Zurich for a vacation is the best way to experience how it is like to live Swiss style. Indeed, travelers are fond of this city because it has an old glamour and modern city vibe rolled into one so you can experience the best of both worlds. Read more of this world travel guide to learn more about the best things that you can do while in the city.

Experience a trip down memory lane with some of Zurich's oldest historical sites. There are over 40 museums in the city that lets you get a first-hand look at famous historical or cultural artifacts. If you are interested to know a little bit about the history of Zurich, don't miss a trip to the Museum of Art or the Swiss National Museum. But if you are looking for a contemporary gallery, make sure to visit Zurich West. Meanwhile, delight in the stained glass windows and other art masterpieces of Chagall at the Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster) and The Great Church. Also, you should not miss Kunsthaus, which is a pre-eminent cultural landmark of Zurich wherein breathtaking artworks are on display in this gallery.

If you're in for some leisure, Zurich world travel guide suggests you visit the Zoological Garden. This modern zoo features exotic animals from various parts of the world. There are also different programs scheduled on the zoo daily, so you will have something new to look forward to with each visit. And if you like to marvel at nature's beauty and wonder, another must-see tourist attraction is Rhine Fallss. This is very accessible from Zurich and offers free admission. Thus, you have no reason to not check out Rhine Fallss, which is quite possibly one of the most awe-inspiring sights you could lay your eyes on.

And speaking of natural beauty, you don't want to miss a visit to the Swiss Alps when you have vacation in Zurich. It is ideal for tourists with active pursuits as you can do plenty of things here such as ski, hire, walk, or swim. Or, if you are a passive tourist, then you might want to savor the view of Uetilberg or Lindenhof.

If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out some of Zurich's city beach resorts for a relaxing way to end your day. Strandbad Mythenquai is one of many resorts that are situated along the Lake Zurich wherein you can bathe in the sandy beach or head on out for swim. Another relaxing way to spend your day in Zurich is to head to Belvoir Park to have a picnic, or explore astronomical attractions via the huge telescope at the Urania Observatory.

Surprisingly, Zurich also offers a promising shopping adventure. Bahnhofstrasse is the most famous center in the city for world-class shopping and important banks. In fact, pedestrian would often clog the side street as they scour the shops looking for the best shopping deals. But if Bahnhofstrasse is out of your budget range, try the Burkliplatz flea market wherein you can find random goods to pick up.

As soon as you are done shopping, head to Zurich West where the party is at. There are a seemingly endless array of clubs in the area or drop by Niederdorf, which is also a well known neighborhood bustling with clubs and bars to hang out on. But here is one tip to keep in mind before you're tempted to go bar-hopping in Zurich: stick to one nightclub. The admission fee to these clubs can be quite steep and that is still exclusive of drinks.

Zurich is a charming, quaint city that fulfills its promise and offers more. Use this world travel guide to help plan your vacation and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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