World Travel Guide To The Bahamas

The Bahamas is made up of several islands that touring them all will take a long time. But that is part of the appeal of this world famous tourist destination because there is an endless array of opportunities for you to have fun, however fun means to you. But if you want to truly experience the authentic Bahamian vibe, make sure to take note of the recommendations from this world travel guide for the ultimate vacation you won't soon forget!

Travel writers would recommend that you dedicate a day or two off your vacation to exploring Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. The island in itself is teeming with tourist spots and activities that you'd surely enjoy. For example, the historic sites like the Old Town features abandoned buildings and Caribbean structures that is perfect for walking tours and sightseeing. This also serves as the shopping center of the island so take this opportunity to do some window-shopping, or shopping for souvenir items that you can bring home with you.

During the evening, you can partake in a lively nightlife scene as plenty of beach resorts and bars play host to its many tourists looking for lively entertainment at night. Tourists are recommended to head downtown wherein you can find hot spots like Bahama Boom, best known among locals as the city's first techno club. For those who simply want to dance the night away, Waterloo is the right destination for you. Entertainment comes in a variety of forms here.

The beaches in Bahamas are beyond anything you've experienced before. But in order to make the most of your itinerary, make sure to drop by any of the best beaches recommended in this world travel guide. One of them is Cable Beach, which is located in New Providence Island. It offers a glistening shoreline that is easily accessible to casinos, resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers. If you want something more vibrant, check out Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island. This is like Vegas in the tropics and where a lot of late-night party folks like to sunbathe after a long night. Other equally awe-inspiring beaches that are worth your visit include Tahiti Beach, Pink Sands Beach (which is named aptly with its pale pink sand), or Ten Bay Beach.

Although the Bahamas is famous for its resort, tourist activities do not revolve solely around the water and its beaches. This tropical archipelago stretches up to 100,000 square miles in land area, which leaves you with many fun in-land activities to enjoy. Adderley's Plantation Ruins, for instance, is a perfect destination for the history junkies because it had been around since 1790 and is formerly owned by Abraham Adderley, to which the site is named after. Another promising attraction is Andros Lighthouse, which was built to serve as the entrance to the Fresh Creek channel's southern entrance. Explore the site to discover three old cannons, which dates back to the 1800s and came from the “Cottsac” Schooner.

If you're in for an adrenaline rush or outdoor activity, this world travel guide on the Bahamas has other fun options for you. You can go nature hiking at the Bahamas' The Out Islands and experience stunning orchids, iguanas, and Caribbean parrots as you go along. You can also embark on the Bimini Nature Hiking Trail, which offers a unique glimpse of the island as you learn about the ecology of the place at the same time. But if you want something more laid back yet fun, go bird watching at the Small Hope Bay Lodge.

Fun never ends in the Bahamas. And even after your visit, you will find yourself wanting to visit again. No wonder it is ranked among the top places to visit in the world!


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