Pure Adventure and Fun in Acapulco

Situated in the Western Coast of Mexico is the beautiful city of Acapulco. Like the Philippines, the climate here is tropical all year round. There are also winter seasons but most of the time, it’s dry. That’s why; this is definitely the hot spot for vacation escapades for several rich people in Europe and in America.

Brief History

Flashing back the history a little, Acapulco was only a small harbor for fishing. Acapulco started to become the center of attraction when Miguel Aleman Valdes, the president of Mexico in 1946-1952, transformed his creative visions and ideas into reality. In 1968, Acapulco was the host of yachting in Summer Olympics and from that moment onwards, it became the “Mecca Jet Set” of all the avid travelers around
the world.

Exploring the Best

La Quebrada is truly an iconic place for awesome adventure, where one experiences the jump of a lifetime. Just imagine if you are standing in the middle of this majestic cliff and dive into the deep waves of Pacific Ocean. But beware, diving must be only done at the perfect timing due to the unpredictable dangers you can face below the water. For those people who are scared to jump, there is a restaurant in one side of the cliffs and see how those large pelicans hunt for fish.

Other exciting attractions to chill in Acapulco are Acamar Beach Resort, Radisson Resort Hotel, Qualton Club, Romano Palace Hotel 7 Suites and Hotel Casa Inn. Three of the five mentioned are five star hotels that surely give you the glow and pleasures not found at the comforts of your home.

Shopping is also a grand activity in Acapulco. Among the various malls in the city, the most well-known is probably the La Gran Plaza. This mall is known for its affordable prices in all leather products. In fact, this two-level Plaza with 135 stores including Mexican Cuisines and Restaurants is easily tracked just by riding a taxi. If you are looking for great gifts and souvenirs like snacks, meat and cheeses, handicrafts, jewelry and textiles at low prices, try shopping at their municipal market, the Mercado Central.

Other department chains in the city are Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, Artisan Mall across Plaza Bahia, Zocalo and Acapulco Cultural Center.


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