Exploring Attractions in Mexico City

Touring Mexico City is fun! Food is no problem due to various restaurants and cafes all around the corner. The Café Popular permits you to have a full meal priced at twenty five pesos only. At La Casa del Pavo, this small but unique restaurant gives you delicious entrees with charcoal-roasted turkey drumsticks at affordable prices ranging from 20-40 pesos.


Apart from food, Mexico City is also the land of fantastic landmarks, parks and museums. The Plaza de la Constitucion, being one of the largest squares in the world is a centerpoint of historic buildings you want to go and if you are a pious Catholic, you should see the Basilica de Guadalupe. The Basilica is referred to as the holiest place in America and the home of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Other noticeable landmarks in Mexico City are Torre Mayor, Coyoacan, Ciudaddela Crafts Market, Latinoamericana Tower and the city’s main campus, Ciuded Universitaria.


There are three national parks in the city namely the Chapultepec Park and Zoo, Xochimilco and Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi. In Chapultepec, there are educational museums around niching in technology, history, arts and anthropology. The Xochimilco has big waterways and flower gardens to offer and since 1987, the park is included in the UNESCO world heritage. The Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi centers on bars and restaurants, especially to the supporters Mariachi Bands.


Did you know Mexico City is the nest of largest number of museums in the world? If sculptures, jewel and handicraft interest you, go to National Museum of Anthropology. Modern and colonial of Colombian architecture, the museum is called Plaza de las Tres Culturas. Rufino Tamayo’s paintings, explore his museum situated in Chapultepec Park and Zoo. Historic arts and sculptures of Mayan and Aztec--- go to Anahuacali Museum.

Food, culture and fun; Mexico City offers you with something at affordable budget.


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