Memorable Tourist Destinations in Asia

Asia is divided into six regions and my purpose in writing this article is to tell you the most unforgettable attraction you can find in each region. Let’s begin in Central Asia.

The Central Asia consists of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Due to its location, temperature fluctuates all the time and agriculture is expectedly difficult in this region. Yet, recent reports say that Kyrgyzstan is now an interesting destination to hop in. The Lake Issyk-Kul is probably the best place for a getaway. This 6,336 km² salt-lake is situated in the northern part of Tian Shan Mountain and bathing on its spring and mud shore is a perfect spot for rejuvenation.

The East Asia covers a twenty-eight percent of the continent and is embracing a total of seven territories in all. These are mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Mongolia, Japan and Hong Kong. Without doubting, the most awesome destination in East is the Great Wall, which extends from the east to the west. The most special thing about Great Wall is probably its history and background. The fact that Ripley’s Believe It or Not tagged it as the “mightiest work of man” that’s only made up of tiles, tiles, bricks and stone, you simply can’t wait how it feels when you are already standing tall in the heart of this majestic masterpiece.

Russia is the only transcontinental country found in the North Asia. The weather is apparently freezing here and for this, the only fascinating tourist spot is the Trans-Siberian Railway. I’m sorry for using the word”only.” I just can’t stand in cold areas but I enjoyed the whole trip in the railway. It normally takes eight days to cross Moscow to Nakhodka and the trip sails through the vast forests, steppes and fanciful villages.

The Southeastern Asia is the flagship of several wonderful beaches, monuments and temples in eleven countries. Angkor Wat in Cambodia, breathtaking Ko Samui in Thailand and the legendary Ha Long Bay in Vietnam to name a few bests. Yet, one of the world’s great wonders is found in the Cordillera, Philippines. The Banaue Rice Terraces are probably the most picturesque view of end-to-end mountain steps that extends four thousand square miles and entirely crafted Ifugaos using only their bare hands.

Of the nine countries namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the central and major attraction in South Asia is probably being the Taj Mahal in Arga, India. Like Great Wall, this mausoleum had juicy historical background that combines four architectural styles in one, which are Ottoman, Persian, Islamic and of course, Indian. For the record, this jewel masterpiece attracts more than two hundred thousand foreign tourists worldwide.

The West Asia or may also be called as the southwestern part of Asia consists of several mountains, desserts, grasslands and rangelands. Dubai in UAE has always been the popular tourist destination in this region and their economy flourish as time flies by. Shopping malls are everywhere, the largest being the Mall of the Emirates. Everything seems to be marvelous in Dubai, especially the Burj Al Arab Hotel second talent building therein.


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