World Travel Guide to Dubai Shopping Tour

Shopping is one of the most popular tourist activities in the city of Dubai. No wonder it is dubbed as the shopping capital of the Middle East! Indeed, Dubai shopping tours are famous for those who want to snag some great bargains and take advantage of what the shopping malls have to offer. If you are a true-blue shopaholic, you might want to take advantage of this world travel guide as it shows you how to make the most of this tour.

Dubai acts as the trading point for the East and West, which is why you can get great items for lesser price! Part of the appeal of Dubai as a shopping destination is the fact that there are no taxes and duty placed on the items you've bought. There is also a Dubai Shopping Festival held in January, so if you are planning to visit the city, make sure that you scheduled your vacation around this time. Aside from heading straight to the malls in search of a good purchase, you can also partake in various cultural activities designed to nod the city's heritage and watch some pyrotechnics display.

There are a ton of choices of shopping malls in Dubai; hence, even the most dedicated shoppers will find their hands full trying to explore them all. This world travel guide to Dubai will show you exactly what you can expect in a Dubai shopping tour and where you need to be headed to.

Depending on where you had purchased your tour packages from, the price for a shopping tour is at approximately $36. The tour starts in the morning and lasts for up to 3 or 4 hours, which will depend on the itinerary for the tour. This package will already include pick-up and drop off for all of the participants in the tour.

There are up to 40 different shopping malls around the city of Dubai. In this world travel guide to Dubai shopping tour, you can visit or shop at any one of them such as Deira City Centre, Al Ghurair City, Mercato Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates, to name a few. If you are shopping for textile products, you need to head to Bur Dubai located at the street of Electronics. Meanwhile, shoppers of handicraft items and other souvenirs will surely find the items you want at Karama. For more choices on electronic products and good quality carpets, you can check out Deira Al Nasr Square. These malls are glossy and fully air-conditioned, wherein some also offer services such as shoe shining or valet parking.

All of the shopping tours around Dubai are guided to help you save time, focus on shops that offer competitive pricing, and take full advantage of the tax-free rates in the city to uncover great bargains.

World Travel Guide To The Bahamas

The Bahamas is made up of several islands that touring them all will take a long time. But that is part of the appeal of this world famous tourist destination because there is an endless array of opportunities for you to have fun, however fun means to you. But if you want to truly experience the authentic Bahamian vibe, make sure to take note of the recommendations from this world travel guide for the ultimate vacation you won't soon forget!

Travel writers would recommend that you dedicate a day or two off your vacation to exploring Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. The island in itself is teeming with tourist spots and activities that you'd surely enjoy. For example, the historic sites like the Old Town features abandoned buildings and Caribbean structures that is perfect for walking tours and sightseeing. This also serves as the shopping center of the island so take this opportunity to do some window-shopping, or shopping for souvenir items that you can bring home with you.

During the evening, you can partake in a lively nightlife scene as plenty of beach resorts and bars play host to its many tourists looking for lively entertainment at night. Tourists are recommended to head downtown wherein you can find hot spots like Bahama Boom, best known among locals as the city's first techno club. For those who simply want to dance the night away, Waterloo is the right destination for you. Entertainment comes in a variety of forms here.

The beaches in Bahamas are beyond anything you've experienced before. But in order to make the most of your itinerary, make sure to drop by any of the best beaches recommended in this world travel guide. One of them is Cable Beach, which is located in New Providence Island. It offers a glistening shoreline that is easily accessible to casinos, resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers. If you want something more vibrant, check out Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island. This is like Vegas in the tropics and where a lot of late-night party folks like to sunbathe after a long night. Other equally awe-inspiring beaches that are worth your visit include Tahiti Beach, Pink Sands Beach (which is named aptly with its pale pink sand), or Ten Bay Beach.

Although the Bahamas is famous for its resort, tourist activities do not revolve solely around the water and its beaches. This tropical archipelago stretches up to 100,000 square miles in land area, which leaves you with many fun in-land activities to enjoy. Adderley's Plantation Ruins, for instance, is a perfect destination for the history junkies because it had been around since 1790 and is formerly owned by Abraham Adderley, to which the site is named after. Another promising attraction is Andros Lighthouse, which was built to serve as the entrance to the Fresh Creek channel's southern entrance. Explore the site to discover three old cannons, which dates back to the 1800s and came from the “Cottsac” Schooner.

If you're in for an adrenaline rush or outdoor activity, this world travel guide on the Bahamas has other fun options for you. You can go nature hiking at the Bahamas' The Out Islands and experience stunning orchids, iguanas, and Caribbean parrots as you go along. You can also embark on the Bimini Nature Hiking Trail, which offers a unique glimpse of the island as you learn about the ecology of the place at the same time. But if you want something more laid back yet fun, go bird watching at the Small Hope Bay Lodge.

Fun never ends in the Bahamas. And even after your visit, you will find yourself wanting to visit again. No wonder it is ranked among the top places to visit in the world!

World Travel Guide To Hidden Paradise of St. Martin – St. Maarten World Travel Guide To Hidden Paradise of St. Martin – St. Maarten

Despite of its reputation as an adult playground, the dual-governed island nation of St. Martin – St. Maarten is actually a family-friendly place. This is partly due to the variety of tourist activities and sights that you can explore. In fact, it will be worth a week's vacation, if you want to experience everything that this Caribbean island has to offer. This world travel guide will help you get started on uncovering this hidden paradise.

If you are traveling with your partner or with a group of friends, there are lots of options for adult fun. For example, there is a huge sprawl of casinos in St. Maarten wherein you can have limitless fun gambling, especially since it is considered legal. In fact, the island nation has earned its moniker of the “Caribbean Vegas” because there are literally hundreds of casinos on the Dutch side of the island. You can have fun drinking and gambling with friends to your heart's content.

If you are tired of gambling, there are lots more to do in St. Maarten with its vibrant nightlife that has made it the liveliest island in the Caribbean. The Dutch side is more eclectic than the French side of the island, so do take note of that when you visit. The island has a hefty amount of options for open air cafes, discotheques, dance clubs, and fine dining restaurants – so choose to your own liking. In addition, beach bars and restaurants have happy hour festivities wherein tourists can revel in booze, music, dancing, and lots of crazy fun until the wee hours of the morning.

But if you are bringing your family along, or simply want a relaxing vacation, there are more activities that you can fill your time with and this world travel guide will take you through each of them. If there is one thing that St. Martin – St. Maarten is famous for, it's the beaches! And they are no ordinary beaches because these are blessed with powdery white sand, turquoise calm waters, and the perfect climate to chill to.

Tourists who'd like to go for a swim should head to St. Maarten's Simpson Bay as it is the perfect spot for swimming. Meanwhile, those who simply want to relax on the beach while reading a good book can check out Plum Bay in St. Martin because this is what is recommended for tourists. Those looking for wild partying on the beach, however, must check out the Orient Bay, which is among the most popular tourist spots in the island. For the wild at heart, you can head on over to Maho Bay, which, because of its close proximity to the Princess Juliana airport, will treat visitors to the sight of the plane landing overhead. Now, that's the ultimate adrenaline rush for you!

Go karting is also a popular activity in St. Martin – St. Maarten, which is a fun way to introduce your kids to the world of motorsport. If you want to step it up a notch, try jet skiing. There are many resorts that offer rental of their jet ski equipment so you can have more fun in the water. If you're looking for a higher level of adrenaline rush, try parasailing so you can get a bird's eye view of the surrounding beach as you're suspended from a giant inflated wing. Or, head to the Orient Bay so you can do some windsurfing. But if you are an intermediate or beginner level of wind surfer, it is recommended that you try it on Le Galion Beach.

When you are done frolicking in the water, why not check out other famous tourist spots in St. Martin – St. Maarten? For instance, there is Loterie Farm that is situated near the main road to Pic Paradis. There is a “hidden forest” located within the farm wherein you can hike for a good hour as you explore a canopy tour and get an up close tour of its natural treasures. You can also engage in other fun activities such as zip line. For an unforgettable experience with the kids, let them take a ride on the Seaworld Explorer. This craft does not submerge into the water but it comes with a lower observation deck that measures 5 feet below the surface of the water. Hence, you can observe the underwater world from the observation deck. It will surely be a hit among kids!

Fun never ends in St. Maartin – St. Maarten, regardless if you're looking for adult fun or family-friendly activities. Take cues from this world travel guide so you can begin planning your vacation.

World Travel Guide To Budapest, Hungary

When planning a trip to Europe, most tourists would think about visiting Paris, London, or Madrid, among other famous destinations in the continent. However, there is one particular city in Central/Eastern Europe that is slowly but surely capturing tourists' attention and that is Hungarian capital city, Budapest. The major appeal of this world travel guide to Budapest is that it suits travelers across various budget range. From your daytime stroll and until the evening unfolds, this city seems to kick things into another gear, which is exactly why you must pay it a visit.

Budapest is home to many architectural landmarks, historic sites, shopping centers, nightlife, and lots of other entertainment. The best thing about visiting this city is that it has been noted by expert travel writers to be the biggest bargain among other European vacations. Thus, you can keep yourself occupied without even having to spend a penny.

You can start your journey in this world travel guide to Budapest by heading to the Castle District. The Castle Hill is always on the list of top places to visit in the city, wherein you can also find the Royal Palace and the Matthias Church. Both are noteworthy tourist destinations on their own, particularly for the historically inclined. The Castle District and the Danube Bridge in Budapest are both considered as world heritage sites because of the important role they had played in the history of the city, as well as its development. There are two public transportation methods that you can use when going to the Castle District: bus or funicular.

There are numerous events and festivals held in the Buda Castle Hill all throughout the year. Hence, it is best to plan your vacation so you can catch any of these events. But if you want to enjoy the solemnity of the place and avoid the rush of the crowd, make sure to drop by here mid-autumn or mid-spring.

The Chain Bridge is another iconic tourist attraction in Budapest, which spans the entire length of Danube River up until the foot of Castle Hill. It also served an important role in Budapest's history during the 19th century as it connected Buda with Pest. If you are looking for more historic explorations, visit the Pest side of Danube wherein you can find St. Stephen's Basilica and St. Stephen's Square. There is a massive plaza in front of the church that is sprawling with restaurants and cafes you can check out to sample local cuisines or simply watch the day go by.

For those who'd like to be in touch with nature, you can head on to the City Park of Budapest. This green field is located behind Heroes' Square, which is a perfect stop after some sightseeing. Within the park are many other attractions such as the City Lake, Budapest Zoo, Amusement Park, to name a few. Another green attraction in Budapest is the Margaret Island. This one is perfect choice of destination for family excursions as the flowery park offers a good view of the Danube River. But if you are into some nature hiking while experiencing a panoramic view of the city, check out Gellert Hill. This is cited by expert travel writers as the best spot for weekend outings, or a rendezvous spot for romantic picnics.

Finally, for a truly unique world travel guide to Budapest, try out one of their thermal baths for a healing and relaxing effect. What better way to end your day of strolling and frolicking than to dip your body in a thermal spring? There are many of these thermal baths and spas found all over Hungary, not just in Budapest, since they are known for their healing qualities.