Places to Visit in Surigao City

Blessed by its various natural wonders, consider the City of Surigao as your ideal summer capital. It is the hub of world-class beaches, hot springs, lagoons, caves and waterfalls.

Where to Go?

The Buenavista Cave is highly-recognized for its interior stone formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Getting here takes some time and you’ll still need to ride a boat, taking you to the Hikdop Island. From there, ask the tourist guide for some precaution tips before getting inside the cave.

The Looc Beach is your splendid getaway of beauty and serenity. Its well-carved rock formations and low cliffs brings extra sensual feel in the whole place. The water is crystal clear and it is hard to ignore the temptation to pick a number of smooth pebbles underneath.

The Luneta Park is the city’s historic park. This is the beautiful meeting place for the entire family. You can spend a very relaxing time under the shades of Acacia trees and your children can play in lounge areas.

The Manjagao Mangrove Forest serves as Surigao’s cradle of marine life and the hub to various species of fishes. Traveling along the carved water channel is a rare but enjoyable experience.

The Sagisi Island might be your typical beach resort but once you step into the entrance, you will realize its clear and blue waters are just your ideal haven for exciting water activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving and swimming. Sagisi is just an hour ride from city proper.

The Surigaonon Heritage Center houses the several archeological and anthropological artifacts. Visit the place today and you’ll see more than 300 exhibits of local, national and international rocks and minerals.

How to Get in Surigao?

There are three ways to arrive at Surigao. Travel by land and you need to ride buses from Bicol, Samar, Leyte, Pasay and Tacloban. Daily trips are also available in all Mindanao Regions. Travel by sea and you will need to book your trip through popular shipping lines (Superferry, Sulpicio, TransAsia, etc). There are two airlines that regularly travel in Surigao from Manila (The Philippine Airlines) and Cebu (Cebu Pacific).


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