Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is just one of the countries in Indochina Peninsula that is blessed with soaring mountains, abundant rice fields and a number of interesting attractions to pay a visit.

Start your holiday vacation by coming around the Halong Bay or rather be called as the Bay of Descending Dragons. It is called as such because it is composed of two thousand limestone islands that similarly like monoliths when they rise.

All in all, there are twenty caves on the island opened for the public visit. The most popular would be the Cave of the Sticks. But take it easy folks! It is quite impossible to explore the bay in 24 hours. That’s why; it is best-recommended to rent a tour boat while touring. You can check with your travel agent the best available tour schedules.

Have some time and appreciate the rich and historic French-influenced architecture in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam). You just cannot believe your eyes once you see the one-pillar pagoda. It is called as the Goddess of Mercy and it was built as early as 1049. After the old pagoda, walk around and explore the museums. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology should be your first destination. Every detail you want to understand about ethnic groups (there are 54 of them) is found here. The construction of this museum started 1987 and was opened to the public ten years later (November 12).

The Cuc Phong National Park

For those people who seek for real fun and entertainment, it’s time to persuade your whole family and friends to visit Cuc Phong National Park - which is the largest national park and the largest nature reserve in the country. Current reports also reveal the park receives a steady stream of foreigner tourist each year.

The park is located in the foothills of north Annamite Mountains and for that; its lowest temperature clocks at 32 Fahrenheit and the highest rises above 85 Fahrenheit. In case you want to see how the entire park looks like in its driest months, you must book you visit during December and January.


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