Whole Foods Market Takes on a New Dimension in Dedham, Mass.

Article and photo by Eric H.

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Supermarket shopping in the Boston, Mass., area just took a quantum leap with today's opening of Whole Foods Market at the new Legacy Place shopping complex in Dedham, Mass.

With approximately 60,000 sq. ft. featuring a dazzling array of natural and organics foods, the Dedham Whole Foods Market pioneers a whole new way of supermarket shopping in our region. As the first store in Masachusetts to be powered with on-site fuel cell technology, the modern solar light, high-ceiling, multi-food department presence of the Dedham Whole Foods Market resonates with innovative shopping features including:

A walk-in fromagerie with 30 cheeses

Macrobiotics, salad, soup and sushi bars

A shawarma station including beef and lamb shawarma, falafel and chicken and salmon kebobs

A beer and wine section with more than 370 beers, including many New England brews

Made-to-order seafood

A butcher shop

A bulk foods section with more than 200 items

The produce section is simply amazing, offering just about every kind of fruit and vegetable available. Well, almost, as guava wasn't available. A store manager apologized and told me that they would order the guava for a next day shipment. He also promised the same for the also absent broccoli sprouts, but a few minutes later he found me in another region of the supermarket, delivering broccoli sprouts that he was able to locate. Talk about great customer service!

Additionally, the supplement and health and beauty departments seem to have more variety than the other, already impressive local Whole Foods Markets. It was nice to see updated supplement lines, most notably Megafood -- a terrific local company (Derry, N.H.) that makes whole food supplements, At other local stores, the older versions sit on the shelf, but not here in Dedham.

At first, the Dedham Whole Foods can be a bit confusing, given that it is the size of some small shopping malls (for comparison, the Whole Foods Market in Bellingham, Mass., is about 40,000 sq ft. -- 20,000 less than the new Dedham store). With expert and attentive customer service, however, the potentially daunting task of navigating around the mammoth building lessens with each step as the love for a spectacular new supermarket grows during this exciting new chapter in New England supermarket shopping.

Whole Foods Market (Dedham)
300 Legacy Place
Dedham, MA
Tel. (781)329-7100


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