World Travel Guide: Experience The Wild Side of Emirates Mountains

If you are looking for more variety in your vacation to Dubai, why not try a trip to the Emirates mountains? Indeed, it can still come as a surprise to many that there are several activities in store for tourists who are in for adrenaline rush in this part of the world. Buckle up, for you are in for some wild ride! This world travel guide is going to take you for a ride to the wild side. You will kick off your tour to the mountain trails in the Emirates in the morning.

You are free to explore these mountains on your own. However, it would be best if you can get a tour package because you will have an established itinerary and you will be driven around in a four wheel drive vehicle. Thus, it should be easy for you to get around to some of the most notable tourist attractions as you traverse the Emirates mountains. Some tours also include pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel after the tour, which will add more to your convenience.

If you are in for a wild adventure at the mountains, this world travel guide suggests you check out the East Coast and Hatta. You will begin your journey by stopping along the Lehab sand dunes. Then, you are off to a very long tunnel carved straight to the Emirates mountains. Meanwhile, the rugged Hajar mountains is teeming with lush greenery all around it, so this one promises to be a meandering route that would suit any adventure seeker.

While you are in the midst of this breathtaking and adventurous mountain trail, it is best to stop for a moment and let everything sink in. Take time to admire the cliffs and watch the valleys. This is when a camera would come in handy, too. And if you're tempted, take a dip at the tempting cool and blue waters at the wadis. If you're that adventurous, why not go on a short trek along these mountain paths? Or, enjoy a picnic lunch as you marvel at the sights around you.

The scenic drive to and from the East Coast to experience the Emirates mountains up close is a truly unique experience. Most tours along the mountain trails of Dubai will feature a speaking guide so you can also have some glimpse into the culture and history of the place.

This world travel guide also recommends wearing the appropriate clothing for your trip along the Emirates mountains. For most part of the year, light summer clothing is good enough. But when you are visiting during the winter months, don't forget to bring your jacket or sweater as these mountain trails can be quite chilly.


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