Four of the Best Beach Resorts in Samal

Who can imagine that the ideal escapades of your lifetime are found in the north western part of Island Garden City of Samal? History tells us that the term Samal was first used in the earliest days and it referred to many tribal groups living on the island (Sama). Today, the entire Island Garden City has 46 barangays and becomes a part of Metro Davao.

It is also the home of over forty beach resorts with finest accommodations and amenities. Visit one of these beach resorts and you’ll surely forget all the stress and pressures an urban city has given you. The one question you might have now is: What’s the one best resort of all?

Luckily, there are more than two answers to that question. It’s good that you are reading this article and let me enumerate to you the four of the most excellent resorts in Samal.

  • Blue Water Beach Resort. This fantastic Mediterranean beach resort offers you Apartels, clubhouse, pavilions and cottage units ideal for seminars and other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoon. The royal sea shores also become its strongest attraction due to its pure white sand and incredible highlights.
  • Bali-Bali Beach. This is a semi-private beach resort in which its name Bali-Bali originally derived from Pangasinan meaning “beautiful.” The accommodation, along with its various amenities, such as Clubhouses and Anahaw Pavilion offers exquisite services and it can certainly satisfy your innermost cravings.
  • Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The Pearl Farm is considered as one of the first-rate beach resorts in the Island Garden City of Samal. There are a number of remarkable accommodations such as Cottages, Villas, Hilltop Rooms and Mandaya Rooms to lodge in. The infinity and swimming pools certainly look alluring, which can truly charm every man’s attention.
  • Maxima Beach Resort. The Maxima Rest House is your perfect getaway from all the noises, which is situated at the center of an ocean. All what your heart’s desires such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, rafting etc. are all here while you get all the support during your stay, just like you are resting inside your house.


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